The changing landscape of messaging

We have received an overwhelmingly positive response to our value proposition from both businesses (a persistent brand presence on a consumer’s mobile device) and consumers (privacy protection). Red e App was built on the foundation of taking engaging B to C communications to the next level, and finding a much needed niche beyond the capabilities and management of email and text messaging.

Email and text are great communication tools that historically have served both business and consumer populations to successfully achieve both long and short form communication. However, the times “they are-a-changin.” It is our position that email can be tough to manage and access because you can receive soooo much information in that little window pane. And as business communicators, we often try to cram as much in as possible – and why wouldn’t we?

I am always reminded of Eminem’s sage marketing advice, “if you had one shot, one opportunity – would you capture it or let it slip?” when crafting customer communication. O.k., maybe he wasn’t talking about business to consumer communication, but I’m telling you, we often feel that way! But now, with the dramatic increase in email and marketing messaging in general, consumers find themselves applying a value factor – prioritizing and making snap decisions on how to manage the received information (delete, save for later, file, store, manage, respond right away) based on the subject, before you even lay eyes on the content.

We say, hooray for Atos, a tech firm that recently implemented a “zero email” policy.

Studies show that 98% of all business to consumer-based communication is thrown away or deleted. And because all businesses don’t have standard ways to communicate, every business email is different from the next. Therefore, the behavior of the consumer will often be to adopt the “one bad apple” philosophy and delete all business advertising email in one mass . What a PITA for the consumer!

Text is on the opposite end of the spectrum and provides instant access to short digestible pieces of information (we love that), but with limited to no consumer engagement, control or privacy (we don’t like that).

One of our first customers is a School of Medicine at a top 20 university. When we presented Red e App to the program’s IT director, he said, “We have several means of communication in place, but we still struggle to engage students at their mobile device, because, well, they are MOBILE! We need a solution that notifies students of real-time announcements that cannot wait to be read via email (and often aren’t read at all by the student population).”

The program’s students are also seeking a tool that differentiates immediate and informative communications, while protecting their privacy – they don’t have to provide their mobile number to the school, just their Red e App ID. And if at any point the student feels the notifications are no longer applicable, they are in control to stop receiving communications from the group. With Red e App, the school doesn’t have to manage changing contact information for their student body and can integrate Red e App into existing messaging workflow and process.

Red e App is a business’s answer to communicating efficiently and effectively to their consumers while building a long-lasting relationship. 

Jonathan Erwin

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