The Lane Report: Red e App is filling business communication gaps in non-office workplaces

Red e TeamLouisville based Red e App is finding a responsive market for the employee communications platform it created for non-desk based employees, The Lane Report says.

From the article: “As a contained business communication app, Red e App addresses multiple issues that arise from relying on email and other older traditional modes. It is secure; companies control employees’ access, removal and can wipe their data; outsider can’t see or send into the system; every message is read-verified to ensure it’s not missed; and it uses employees’ devices rather than the company’s.”

And Red e App is in the right place. Kentucky has a higher proportion of healthcare, manufacturing, distribution and other non-desk, non-office jobs meaning the Red e App’s users are in their own back yard.  “This technology could not be born on the West Coast. There are simply fewer workplace communication issues there, and the work culture is so different that potential investors probably wouldn’t relate to the need for the product.” Patrick Goodman, Red e App’s Chief Product Director says.

Red e App has doubled its number of employees to 18 and also doubled its office space in the last year, which CEO Jonathan Erwin said moves the company slightly past being a start-up. “We’re scrappy, but we’re early stage scrappy,” he said.  While still working very actively to attract investment capital, the company has transitioning from the idea-and-fundraising stage to true operations. “To graduate from ‘start-up’ is to grab the baton and truly begin running.”

Some 40 organizations ranging in size from 30 to several thousand employees now are using Red e App for their business communications, which can range from informing scattered personnel of their work schedules to revising everyone’s employee handbook without printing and distributing any physical pages. “We are having some of the biggest companies in the world call us,” Erwin said.

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