The Pitfalls of Avoiding New Technology

The Pitfalls of Avoiding New TechnologyAs we meet with potential clients, big or small, we are often teaching them what it means to be mobile first and how to communicate electronically with their non-desk and hourly employees. Some clients embrace the change, while others are hesitant.

Implementing a mobile first solution is outside of their comfort zone … an engagement utilizing a SaaS architecture takes less than 30 days to set up from start to finish. The bulk of our time is dedicated to the change management and client success activities which are present with any technology implementation.

A guest post by Jonathan Erwin, Red e App’s founder and CEO, speaks to this topic on Wired magazine’s Innovation Insights blog, The Pitfalls of Avoiding New Technology.

Technologies that are mobile-centric and those that allow fast time-to-market are the ones that are still being overlooked by companies. Tech is moving fast, and the adaptations of employees move just as fast. Software designed for desktop environments is simply not transitioned to mobile devices because it’s not architected to do so.

Budgeting one to two years for desktop to mobile availability will result in low employee adoption rates. Staff members demand the same functions and productivity tools available on their own personal phones. People want to be efficient when away from their desk, and will unfortunately find workarounds from slower desktop applications.

These workarounds might be SMS, Facebook, or tools like WhatsApp, which are very useful, but not typically appropriate for secure workplace communications. Such communication platforms are often taken for granted because of their email and text structure, but there is a mobile-based shift occurring.

Companies that resist technology innovations often miss the ancillary benefits such as improved security, enhanced business process, and employee engagement. Change encourages a broader review of business objectives, which are vitally important to stay nimble, compete and thrive.

Read the complete article at Wired Innovation Insights.

Amee Kent
Red e App Marketing Director 

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Technology enables real change

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