Thinking about neuroscience and internal communications

neuroscience and internal communicationThink outside the box. Put on your thinking cap. Think long and hard. Read a think piece. Think on your feet. There are so many idioms out there, you’re lucky if you can still think straight!

The process of thinking is critical to a successful career but, recently, that’s been extrapolated into the realm of neuroscience. Neuroscience, the scientific study of the nervous system, has slowly been working its way into the inner circles of internal communications techniques. In fact, Red e App’s recent trip to New Orleans for IABC World Conference 2016 included multiple talks and sessions featuring neuroscience as a key premise for enhancing internal communication.

Subhamoy Das conducted a session at this year’s conference, titled the Power of Neuroscience in Communication, diving into the details of neuroscience and its relevance to communication. By better understanding mental processes, one can redefine their messaging approach for communication effectiveness. Additionally, learning how the brain reacts to certain messaging can lend to better communication strategy and execution.

Aside from the quantative data behind neuroscience, the key messages Das presented were fascinating when applied to communication. They’re even more fascinating when you pinpoint the principles of neuroscience to the specific personnel you’re targeting, especially if the bulk of your workforce are non-desk or even hourly workers.

Non-desk workers, as a whole, have completely different behaviors and attitudes when consuming company communication – especially when compared to their desk based counterparts. Understanding the difference in behavioral tendencies of non-desk workers is critical for successfully communicating to that segment of the workforce; notable because most of said company communication is disseminated by desk based workers. A ubiquitous approach to internal communication ensures ineffectiveness and disengagement; what works for one employee segment, does not work for all.

What you communicate is important but how you communicate is crucial. Red e App prides itself in pioneering non-desk communications by providing companies a mobile communication and file distribution platform that efficiently engages non-desk employees on devices they’re already utilizing. Equipping communicators with the right tool for engaging all segments of company’s workforce is an integral part of successfully communicating with all employees.

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