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So, you’re implementing Red e App at your organization. That’s great! You’ll now be able to reach more of your employees than you ever have – and you’re reaching them in a way that is relevant, timely, and measurable.

But there’s a challenge: Your employees may have never heard of Red e App, and they’re not sure why they would want to download something onto their personal device.

You can promote Red e App inside of your organization all you want, but if you’re not truly assisting your employees and asking for their input, no one will download it and your efforts will be futile.

Red e App’s Success Team will help you create and execute an implementation plan, but the real key to ensuring strong adoption is providing true value for employees. It’s critical that you discover what will drive your employees to download Red e App.

While every company is different, we do see patterns across the global hourly workforce.

Here are our best ideas for driving adoption in your company

Ask your employees what they want to see in Red e App.

While it might seem obvious, this is truly the best way to discover your employees’ primary pain points. If you work in a corporate office, you are likely disconnected from the needs of your hourly workforce. Here are a few items that are most requested by Red e App users:

  • Job postings, for internal and/or external hires
  • Cafeteria menus
  • Parking lot closures and traffic incident alerts
  • Work or overtime schedules
  • Employee discount program information
  • Company auto insurance cards (for employees who travel to field-based projects)
  • Holiday calendar
  • Plant or location maps

Turn on the ‘Directory’ feature.

Red e App’s ‘Directory’ feature gives employees the ability to search for and send messages to their co-workers quickly and easily. Many times, employees need to communicate with each other and do not want to give our their personal contact information.

With the ‘Directory’ feature enabled in Red e App, employees can send messages securely and safely through the app without giving up their privacy. If employees send inappropriate messages, administrators can audit these messages. This provides an extra level of protection, as messages sent via texting can rarely be confirmed or audited.

More importantly, employees truly love this feature – it makes it easier for them to communicate with co-workers and their managers.

Post items that your employees can’t access when they are off-site.

Are job openings only posted on bulletin boards in the break room? Are your health benefits documents only available on the company intranet located behind a firewall?

It’s easy to forget that your hourly or non-desk workforce doesn’t have access to these resources when they leave work, but often, that’s when they need access the most. Post these critical documents inside of Red e App so that employees can review health benefits information while they’re at the doctor, or peruse job postings on Saturday mornings with their coffee.

Mobile FeaturesEnable the Red e App’s ‘Shifts’ feature for specific groups of employees.

If you have a large population that engages in frequent shift swaps, this is likely a cumbersome process for your employees. Red e App’s ‘Shifts’ feature makes posting and picking up shifts simple.

Gone are the days of calling five of your friends to see if someone can work for you – simply post a shift, and everyone in your employee group can view and/or pick up the shift with manager approval.

Send timely, relevant information.

Is the information you’re sending through Red e App just ‘nice to have’ and filled with corporate jargon? Consider messages that are most relevant to your workforce.

Every month, critical messages related to operations have the highest read rates among our customers. The two topics that are universally important across our customer base are schedules and payroll.

If you have a power outage at your location that causes a shift cancellation, send that message instantly through Red e App. If you have a change to payroll or pay dates are affected by upcoming holidays, notify employees as quickly as possible.

At a very basic level, all employees need better information related to when they work and when they will be paid.

TL;DR version: Find out what your employees really need to make their jobs and their lives better, and put that inside of Red e App.No one ever calls our support line to get ‘that new app that corporate is trying to use to communicate’. But, employees do call us with these requests:

  • “I want to be able to see job postings on my phone.”
  • “I need to be able to swap shifts with my team more easily.”
  • “I want to know about things happening in our company that affect my job.”

What are you doing to make Red e App truly useful for your employee base?

Contact your Success Manager today to brainstorm messaging ideas for your workforce.

Try the employee communication and engagement platform your employees will love and use everyday.

Companies using Red e App create meaningful connection with their entire workforce, increasing efficiency, boosting productivity, improving employee retention, and driving profitability. Start a Free trial to see what it can do for you.

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