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Great organizations are always trying to identify top performers. Who is making the most sales? Who is providing the best customer service? Who is running the most efficient production line? Who is the best at what they do?

After identifying top performers in a given role, it is common practice to review the methods, practices, and habits of these employees to identify the key activities that make them so successful. As Marcus Buckingham in writes in his book First, Break all the Rules, “You cannot learn very much about excellence from studying failure.” These findings are then applied across the organization, with the hope of making all employees more successful.

Your internal communications efforts can benefit from a similar approach.

Ultimately, some of your employees are more engaged in actively communicating with others. You could make assumptions about who those people are based on their individual communications and work performance, but the best way to understand engagement levels is to measure communications.

So, how are you currently measuring communications?

  • Do you measure click-through rates on your corporate intranet?
  • Do you measure read rates on corporate emails?
  • Are you able to determine patterns in comments, conversations, and emails with your employees?

With so much of today’s workplace communication happening in the digital space, you can see significant benefits from measuring as much as possible. If you are using an Enterprise Social Network (ESN) or an Intranet, you should be able to pull some statistics on engagement levels, and the more data you have access to, the better.

But what about your employees who don’t have corporate email and can only access the Intranet by using a computer kiosk in the break room?

Red e App allows you to communicate to your non-desk employees on a very personal, targeted, and digital platform. Our clients are communicating with their non-desk employees in new ways, and they are also measuring their communications in new ways.

  • Job postings in a mobile app rather than a group-accessed kiosk
  • Mobile messaging for weather delays rather than a phone tree
  • Benefits information is accessible electronically rather than keeping track of a hard copy for a year

Our most recent analytics identify employees who are most engaged in their communications. After identifying these “champions,” employers can interview and engage them to determine what drives their engagement and how they are communicating in ways that make them better at doing their job.

Employee engagement drivers can be used in unprecedented ways to better understand employee communications and create success across an organization.

Hannah Beasley
Client Development

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