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Often as an entrepreneur in “build mode” people will ask earnestly, “well, how are you doing?” As if to say, “holding in there tiger?”, “keeping spirits strong?” and I never really know how to answer. I never really know what they are asking or really what to answer.

One of these question sessions happened recently at dinner with some close friends and investors in Red e App. And when the question was asked, “how are you doing?” one of the investors chimed in to say, “a lot better if we had some customers and some revenue”. I said to myself, “no – no we don’t.” Don’t cheat us of this moment.

This moment, what feels I’m sure to all team members as a herculean achievement. The achievement of concept to reality, of vision to product. Of our “under construction page” to full blown web site to share our story and our passion.  From “how do we get in the App Store” to being an approved Apple app. And finally, from, “you know, businesses are going to need a platform in which to build their mobile brand and content presence and engage their consumers at their mobile device” (vision) to a highly sophisticated, secure platform that delivers efficiency and value to business and consumers alike (reality).

We are coming out of our incubation and development phase faster, stronger, wiser and just plain damn proud. In what started as a simple red lettered “e” that stood for READY, has now blossomed into a compelling mobile communication service for just about any business of any size.

So, when asked, I often say to people – we are great. We are a business in its purest form right now. Collaborative, energetic, complimentary, patient, satisfied and above all – confident. We are confident that what we have to share will resonate with businesses and with consumers. And when you believe, customers and revenue will surely follow.


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