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“Privacy” comes in many shapes and sizes. There is financial privacy – protecting your credit cards, bank accounts, pin numbers. Identity privacy – social security number, birth and medical records. Physical privacy – keys to your house, garage door code, car and bicycle locks – you get the picture.

And our specialty, contact information privacy. How we are approached by marketers of all shapes and sizes directly to our metal mailbox at the end of our driveway, to home phones, to cell phones, to email, to text WITHOUT our direct consent and request.

The question is, is hibernation on a mountain top the answer, maybe a cozy tent in the occupy movement on a City Hall lawn close to you? Simply, no.

Contact privacy begins when you provide your contact information to your hair salon, doctor or dentist office to receive service notifications – are they protecting your information, better yet, do they know how to protect your contact information?

According to spam data collected by Whitepages.com, text spamming is on the rise and estimated to cost consumers $300 million in text charges – not including the annoyance of receiving an unsolicited text message and the potential for the message to be malware. Consumer’s need to be mindful when asked for email, mailing address, home phone number, and cell phone numbers to capture back or at least limit your personal contact exposure in the world.

Red e App empowers you, the consumer, to be in control of the business communications you access and receive by using a unique ID – not your personal contact information – to notify you of service readiness and availability. You are in control to access the businesses listing when you need information from them – not their daily email alerts. And you can easily unsubscribe from a business if you are no longer interested in their services. For the business, this means they are not wasting their efforts and money to communicate to uninterested consumers – the consumers that are interested in their services will be following them in Red e App.

Red e App is secure social service messaging at its finest. The consumer is able to protect their privacy through the use of a Red e ID and they will be more confident in their decision to embrace a business’s brand, product and services.


In conclusion, a note to businesses of all shapes and sizes, as well as you CRM data hoarders out there. It’s okay, really it is, to let your lists go. We promise, if you do – engaged consumers will find you in Red e App. Trust us.  ;–)

Coming to you from high on the top of Mount Privacy.

Jonathan Erwin

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