Webinar: Are you communicating to cats or dogs?

Update: View the replay of this webinar at the bottom of the page. 

You’re likely wondering why Red e App is hosting a webinar about pets, and how pets can possibly relate to communications. We have a fun and logical explanation . . . just as our cats and dogs have different toys and food based on their behaviors and needs, desktop and non-desk workers need access to different tools to be successful in their jobs.

Employee behavior webinar

A dog doesn’t use a scratching post, similar to a cat not fetching a stick. Dogs prefer bones and cats prefer lounging. Desktop workers have access to a myriad of tools at their fingertips, but they sit at a desk with a computer all day. The tools for communication and collaboration make sense for their role and their behaviors.

Non-desk workers have drastically different needs and behaviors than their desktop peers. Their role is to be on a production line or a retail floor helping customers. They work in shifts, their schedules are flexible, and they rarely access software for their job.

Join us on Thursday, March 11 at 1 pm ET as our CEO Jonathan Erwin discusses three proven strategies for improving your employee communications … 1) Know your audience (cats or dogs?), 2) Craft your message and 3) Choose your medium.

Hourly workers don’t expect to be connected to corporate email but they do want to be informed in real-time (such as a weather delay), and they do want electronic access to their schedule and important documents (such as job openings and the employee handbook). They may not have a desktop computer but a majority of them do have a smartphone.

Update: Below is the replay of the webinar.

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