What files should I share with my hourly employees?

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Red e App gives you the ability to efficiently store documents so that your hourly employees can access them at any time, anywhere.

Need ideas on what to store in your files section on Red e App?

Here are a few of our favorite document that companies are storing in Red e App files:

  • Employee Handbook
  • Job Postings
  • Cafeteria Menus
  • Protocols
  • Benefits Information
  • Compliance Documents
  • Time Off Policy
  • Employee Discount Information
  • Uniform Guidelines

What’s the best way to utilize your Red e App files section? Ask your employees what they want!

It’s easy to make assumptions for your field-based workforce, but corporate staff has a radically different set of needs from hourly employees. Ask the question: “What files would you most like to access inside of Red e App?” You may be surprised at the feedback you receive. By listening to your employees and providing them with helpful information, your Red e App network will grow, and employees will feel more connected.
When choosing the files you post, it’s also important to consider formatting. The vast majority of Red e App users access files only on a mobile device. If you truly want your files to be useful for employees, you need to help facilitate a mobile-friendly experience.
Here are a few of our best tips in making your files mobile-friendly:

  • Save each file as a PDF before uploading. This ensures that any specialized fonts will display correctly and formatting will remain intact.
  • Use larger font sizes; avoid font sizes below 14 when possible.
  • Avoid landscape formatting, as portrait files are much more natural to read on a mobile device.
  • Remember that each page will display as a single page – not a ‘spread’. Reformat your documents if necessary to remove text or images that are spread across multiple pages.
  • Be mindful of file size. While there is no file size restriction in Red e App, your employees will thank you, as smaller files download faster and require less data usage. We recommend keeping files under 500KB as often as possible.
  • Break long documents up into smaller pieces using folders. It can be difficult enough to navigate an 80+ page document when it’s printed, but a mobile device adds an entirely new level of complexity. Breaking down a larger document into several smaller documents helps your employees easily locate information and reduces file download times.
Making your files section relevant, useful, and engaging is a key element to ensuring your company’s Red e App network is a success.
Want help to rethink your Red e App files? Contact your Customer Success Manager today for more tips!

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