What’s new in the app: Web App, Android profile photos and groups


Here are some of our most significant product enhancements during the past two months. Make sure to read the update notes when you see a new version of Red e App in the app store. You don’t want to miss our attempts at humor, in what otherwise could be boring.

Web App

  • You can now access our web app on any mobile browser (iPhone, Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry, or Tablet). This means you don’t have to download the native app to access Red e App on a mobile device, including Windows and Blackberry smartphones.


  • A recent update made Red e App available on the broadest amount of Android devices. The Android app is also lighter and faster.
  • There were some issues with saving profile photos as avatars or header images. Those are now resolved.

More highlightsRed e app groups

  • Are you a manager? You can now easily view how many people are in your groups. You’ll know how many people will storm the break room after you send a message about the leftover pizza.
  • Our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy are available in ‘About’ screen (Settings menu), just in case you need some bathroom reading material. As always, your privacy is SUPER important to us, and all jokes aside … we actually encourage you to read that fine print.

New versions of iOS and Android were released this week!

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