What’s in the “app” of Red e App

Since joining the  Red e App development team nearly 10 months ago, the ‘app’ (iOS and Android) part of Red e App has taken on a few interface revisions, survived one major pivot, and gained some user experience enhancements. The goal of all the revisions and updates was to provide a very unique application offering to those wanting a private, secure, and mobile channel for real-time communication. To date, we are on version 1.15 for both iOS and Android native apps. As you can guess, we’ve been busy.
But, we’re never done.
The next feature we’re going to add is the ability to take and/or upload a photo and send via Red e App. Speaking as one who loves all forms of digital communication, even going so far as dubbing Twitter, “my digital communication playground and cocktail party” the ability to send a private digital photo is limited in today’s app marketplace.Yes, a person can use email and SMS, but what about a person who needs to send a very private photo to upper management about a restaurant safety issue but doesn’t have the manager’s email or mobile number? Or what about a medical student who would like to get a second opinion about a skin inflammation? How can she send a photo to her supervisor and discuss pertinent information about the patient privately, securely, and while still ‘mobile’ AND not be in violation of HIPAA?
Yeah, we thought adding the ability to send photos via Red e App was a good idea too.  We’ll let you know when it’s Red e!Patrick Goodman
Red e App Product and Engagement Director
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