When is mobile messaging better than email for employee communication

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Why would you need mobile messaging if your employees sit at desks most of the day and have corporate email? Speed and behavior.

Desktop instant messaging has been used in enterprises for more than a decade because employees have a need to get real-time answers to quick questions. Mobile messaging is the next generation of instant messaging.

Technology innovations allow employees to be more mobile and enterprise communications must follow suit. Additionally, employee behavior has changed. Employees are most comfortable and accessible on mobile.

Here are four reasons our clients are using Red e App in addition to email …

(1) Control the noise with targeted employee communications 

Red e App is a new platform that gives you complete control over the “noise.” How many emails do you get per day? Email inboxes are incredibly noisy.

When you initiate a new internal employee  communications platform like Red e App, you have the ability to build it from the ground up and fully control the conversation. Some companies use Red e App exclusively for alerts, such as weather updates and security threats. By placing these critical updates in Red e App and limiting the noise, employees are notified immediately in a channel they pay attention to.

(2) Mobile access for BYOD employees

Just because an employee has a corporate email address does not mean they have a corporate-issued phone. As a result, security policies often prevent them from having access to company messaging or resources on their personal mobile device. With Red e App’s secure platform, a company can confidently allow access to messaging, content, and files at any time, even on an employee’s personal device.

(3) Fully measured employee communications

As companies build employee engagement initiatives and strive to make employees feel more included in organizational objectives, analytics and measurement become more critical than ever. Red e App allows you to learn about your employees and their communication preferences. You will have insights into your most-read messages, the best time of day/week to message your employees, and you can identify your most-engaged employees.

(4) Communicate on a mobile platform, in a mobile way

The goal of Red e App is not to divert messaging from emails, but to accommodate an employee’s mobile behavior and accessibility – think BuzzFeed, Facebook, and Twitter. We encourage our clients to include photos and limit message length as much as possible.

Most employees prefer this type of communication – Red e App is a way to “meet them where they are”. Employees prefer smaller sound bytes more frequently – it’s unlikely that they will spend 20 minutes reading your big monthly e-newsletter.


Email has become a “formal” way to communicate for documentation purposes and for questions that don’t need an immediate response. To engage your employees when and where they are most, check out a Red e App demo.

Hannah Beasley
Client Development

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