Woodhouse Day Spas improves employee communication with a mobile app

Woodhouse Day Spa

How can small business owners connect and communicate with all of their employees without issuing corporate email?

A Google search lead our client, Woodhouse Day Spas, to Red e App to find the answer. Woodhouse owners were looking for a way to offer their employees a quicker and easier way to connect with each other and with management. They had scheduling challenges and needed to ensure employees were receiving and reading memos, updates and training information throughout their three Indianapolis locations.

Dan and Terri are a husband and wife dynamic duo that opened their first Woodhouse location in 2005. Their three spas currently have approximately 60 employees, with potential to reach over 100 by the first quarter of next year.

During our on-site training session, Dan said, “We knew that with employees stretched across locations and working various shifts, the best place to reach them would be their phones. We were searching for an employee communications app that could not only provide a channel for comms, but also provide a place to store procedure and training documents. Red e App met these needs and more. 2015 will be the year of communications for Woodhouse Spas.”

Woodhouse was using Dropbox as a repository for hosting documents, but it didn’t solve their problems because not every employee had access and there was no immediate way to alert employees when new documents were available.

With combined knowledge in corporate business leadership, product knowledge and a dedication to communication, the leadership team at Woodhouse understood the benefit of using Red e App to its full potential. Red e App now provides an active channel to Woodhouse managers to instantly send messages, documents, and content to their employees.

They also use Red e App as an employee communication platform for sending notifications related to schedules, policy changes, training, HR, compliance and culture. Now for the first time, the Woodhouse Spa leadership team can ensure that every employee is informed,  and they can better understand how effective their communications are through read receipts and analytics.

Red e App was able to solve the disconnect that Terri and Dan were experiencing and give their employees a voice. Our platform offers a level of accessibility that companies have not previously had when communicating with hourly employees.

“Our employees are always on the move. Working in a Spa is not a job where you get to sit down for an extended period of time, so there is really no reason to give employees email. We decided that an employee communication app would best fit our needs,” said Dan.

Red e to connect with your employees? We can help.

Leslie Erwin
Client Engagement

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Technology enables real change

Red e App isn’t here just to sell software to put a Band-Aid on your communication problems — we’re out to change the world for non-desk workers. We’ve spent years in the trenches with companies of all sizes and all levels of complexity, and we’d love to help you consider how to make real change in your organization.

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