Woodhouse Spas is no longer struggling to connect with its employees

Red e appIn October 2014, Woodhouse Spas in the Indianapolis area began using Red e App for communications across their workforce. With multiple spas, and nearly 100 employees, engagement had become a top challenge.

Red e App was the perfect solution for these spa franchise owners in Indiana. After recognizing the value of mobile messaging, spa owners Dan & Terri Smith began sharing the efficiencies of Red e App across the organization, and twelve months later, I was able to attend the Woodhouse Spas Family Reunion, their annual operator conference, to meet with franchisees from across the country.

Woodhouse Spas is a top-tier spa organization that strives to be the best in everything they do, but they are not exempt to the challenge that we continue to see across the globe … they struggle to communicate with their employees.

Their massage therapists, estheticians, and spa attendants do not have access to @woodhousespas.com email, so nearly every franchise owner says that communication is his/her number one challenge – such as HR and meeting notifications, issuing a weather or security alert, and distributing schedules.

We are excited to be partnering with this growing franchise organization to bridge this communication gap.

So, what exactly are we doing for Woodhouse Spas across the country? Here are a few of the challenges their franchisees are facing and how we are solving them:

  • Owners of multiple stores struggle to communicate with employees at different locations. By utilizing sub-networks and groups in Red e App, these franchisees can now send location-specific messages, as well as broader messages appropriate for all of their employees. We help to ensure that employees quickly get messages that are most relevant to their job, without creating an excessive amount of ‘noise’.
  • Facebook groups have become an inefficient way to communicate. Many employees do not want to link up their personal Facebook profile to a work group, and with the high volume of activity on Facebook, messages were often lost in the noise. With Red e App, spa employees can communicate with their co-workers and managers while still keeping their personal information private. Additionally, Red e App is 100% work-focused. Employees know that if they get a message through Red e App, it’s about work and it’s important. Messages are read more quickly and employees are more engaged in all communications.

We are thrilled to be helping this franchise organization as they grow their footprint across the country. Could Red e App help your franchise with communications? Give us a call today to learn more: 855-733-3277

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