Have you engaged your non-desk worker?

Have you engaged your non-desk worker? - Red e AppI attended a fantastic event last week called the Enterprise Mobility Forum in Orlando, FL hosted by Boardroom Events. I have never attended an event like this in my 22-year history as a software sales guy. 55 CIO’s looking at mobility solutions to make their enterprise more efficient and quite frankly, more mobile!
It wasn’t your run-of-the-mill trade show slogging through endless booths with similar solutions, rubbery food and long winded speakers. But, a compact, laser targeted, peer sharing, best practicing, educational environment of which I have not been associated with in the past.
The team at Red e App was certain we had targeted an ideal market of multi-location – retail, restaurant, healthcare and franchise organizations – as the WHOLE team rarely has corporate email addresses and most, if not ALL employees do not work at desks all day managing email inboxes.
So, it was a pleasant surprise that when we presented to 30 CIO’s across every industry spectrum possible, what we found, was that companies have non-desk workers and affiliated partners and dealers EVERYWHERE!

We were approached by CIO’s in manufacturing with factory workers, large insurance agencies with dealer channels, mutli-state residential fuel delivery companies, financial services companies and others that identified with our solution. They had a desire to engage their audience through a private channel, with short form communication (text-like) in real time.Not only that, they wanted to give them instant mobile access to Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS), Training and Product information, maps and routes, and reference sheets and more! They all struggle with the engagement of the non-desk worker, partner, member, affiliate, or dealer. Something, quite frankly, that we have perfected.

So, I ask you… Where is your non-desk worker? If you find them, we can help you speak to them.Jonathan Erwin
Founder and CEO

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