Where the world gets
rede for work.

Prepare, optimize, and engage employees for organizational success with the world’s first mobile performance platform for the non-desk workforce.

Communication that gets
your employees rede for work

Give frontline leadership, managers, and supervisors focused, digital connections to their employees and teams. Match communication permissions to organizational hierarchies and reporting structures. Get rid of noisy open social news feeds and reply-all group messaging.

Noise distracts. Redeapp delivers readiness.

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Right information, right employees,
right in their pockets

Grant access to workplace documents, policies, procedures, and ongoing training materials that are mission critical for a modern, mobile workforce. An informed, focused, and effective organization can’t thrive on a diet of paper handouts and bulletin board memos.

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Privacy and security are our priority. Health and safety across the entire company is what our Passport™ delivers.

· HIPAA Compliant
· OSHA Compliant
· CDC Compliant
· SOC2 audited environment
· Passport color-coded feature to identify employees ready for work
· Full reporting to identify health risks

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Two proven industry leaders that have transformed their categories

Redeapp in partnership with El Toro joined forces to launch healthepass the first and only fully integrated smart phone contact tracing tool in the United States which provides unparalleled privacy and security.

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Rede App Eltoro

Workflows work when your
workforce can access them

Automate manual processes by extending actionable workflows to EVERY employee.  In addition, transition paper forms to digital formats to automate and streamline data collection at the source. This creates immediate insights and safely delivering data to the appropriate stakeholders, analysis, and distribution to the right people for the right purpose. Ensure data integrity by syncing employee data workflows between Redeapp and your internal systems.

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Many hands make light work

Efficiently manage overtime, fill open shifts faster, democratize scheduling, and share labor across multiple locations. Replace manual overtime clipboards and post-it-notes at your multi-shift or 24/7/365 labor operation.

Time really is money.

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Make data-informed decisions

Unlock data insights from a previously disconnected and analog workforce to provide improved clarity and depth for organizational KPIs. Measure employee engagement and satisfaction through message read rates, active users, message response times, form completions, and other analytics. Asking employees about engagement via a survey is good; letting the data speak for itself is better.

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Trusted by companies the world over.

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For years, directory platforms, such as Active Directory have been designed for a highly connected desktop workforce with wide-open communication, groups, and access features.

But what about employees who don’t work at a desk? These team members have different needs, often don’t have @company.com email, and they work with their hands, customers, machines, and patients every day.  What do they need? Redeapp figured it out!

Redeapp created AutoSync™ for the non-desk workforce, their managers, and their companies. Good software feeds behavior, and behavior drives results.

AutoSync™ creates a far more granular view of your organization, and in doing so, helps to create highly structured communication paths to inform, direct and empower. The result is a connection that minimizes noise and creates operational signal that is actionable and measurable.

AutoSync™ works with these software platforms. Don’t see your HR platform? We can build custom connections to house-built HR systems, large software integrations, and everything in-between.

Strategic Partnerships

Business value is greater when it’s a shared destination.

Data Partners

Redeapp is partnered with many of the leading technology and consulting companies on the planet! If you are a Payroll, HR, Benefits/Risk management, Safety, Compliance, Wellness, Recognition, Survey or Learning Management company, we want to show you how YOU x Redeapp = supercharged acceleration!

Consulting Partners

If you are a Human Capital, Risk or Change Management consulting firm, we want to help you deliver on your promise to your customers — to help them more efficiently manage risk, change and their human capital efforts by getting their employees…wait for it…rede for work!

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