Pioneering connection among the non-desk workforce


Dedicated to purpose-built technology and services for the deskless world of work

Founded in 2011,  Red e App helps non-desk workers and their managers thrive every day, anywhere. Period.

Whether working with their hands on a manufacturing line or serving residents in an aging care community, the world’s non-desk workers have been almost completely dependent on their own digital devices for company communication. The current standards and practices of work communication don’t work for them. Instead, today’s technology has created chaos, confusion, and disengagement for non-desk employees — and for their managers, HR leaders, talent development, communications, and every other corner of the company. 

Red e App changes all of that, turning communication chaos into strong employee connection.

With elegant simplicity, Red e App is the mobile cloud platform purpose-built for the world’s deskless workers and managers. We turn communication chaos and complexity into clear, clean, engaging connection. We drive authentic, equitable, and inclusive connection among your non-desk workers, supporting each person’s sense of purpose at work and forging a deep bond with the company.

We cut the communication noise and clutter, minimize the intrusions, and end communication complexity with our:

  • Unique mobile cloud designed to engage the deskless workforce
  • API framework that goes far beyond unintelligent, linear integration capabilities you see elsewhere
  • Powerful, enterprise class, intelligent machine learning engine

Red e App creates a connection that ignites the power of Work Trust among your deskless workforce — that’s the connection that forges alignment between an individual’s sense of purpose and your organization’s goals and vision.

The Red e App mobile cloud was designed to truly engage the deskless workforce. With a unique corporate identity and specialized compliance, it’s the separate technology application that’s been missing in the struggle to connect the BYOD challenges of the non-desk workforce.

Our Leadership

About Us - Red e App

Jonathan Erwin

Red e App’s founder and CEO,  Jonathan has the unique ability to read situations and behaviors at a glance — an attribute that helps him almost innately connect the pieces to put the right people in the right spots at the right time to create long-term, sustainable value for customers and employees. His 30 years of experience in enterprise technology have honed that super power. Since 2011, Jonathan’s passion has been building Red e App to connect the world’s unconnected workforce.

About Us - Red e App

Patrick Goodman

Patrick’s diverse background in engineering, print media, and international missionary projects have a consistent underlying theme: building things and connecting people. As Red e App’s chief customer and compliance office, that trait allows Patrick to flex an inherent superpower of working backward. He starts each project looking at the desired outcome and builds back to the original challenge. Having spent years listening to the specific pain points of frontline workers and creating solutions to enrich their work lives, Patrick understands the transformational power of connecting employees and giving them the tools they need to do their best work.

About Us - Red e App

Taylor Phillips

Taylor’s broad experience in other roles and industries brought him to see a very clear need for an efficient communication tool — something to protect any employer’s most valuable asset, their employees. When he first looked at Red e App as a job seeker, he saw the platform as the best financial decision an organization that relies on a deskless workforce can make. As Red e App’s Chief Business Officer, his passion for efficiency, sustainability, and driving business outcomes is apparent every day. Because with Taylor, if there’s a will, there’s a way. And always with a smile.

About Us - Red e App

Justin Rudwell

As Red e App’s resident nomad and renaissance man, Justin has spent most of his career on the search for the perfect place to leverage his passion for driving economic impact and social transformation. As Red e App’s General Manager of Advisory Services, he brings his unmatched ability to listen, empathize, and solve challenges that organizations face every day. Every business has its unique journey that Justin and his team can help navigate as they move toward success.

Our Team

Red e App team members are heroes connecting the world’s non-desk champions to their managers, leaders, HR team, and each other. Believing in success for all, their relentless optimism and incredible competence drive this team’s efforts to manifest Red e App’s ultimate goal: revolutionizing connection for the non-desk worker.

Join Us

If you can see yourself as a hero for the world’s non-desk workforce, and believe you have relentless optimism and incredible competence that are in the DNA of Red e App, we want to talk with you.

Strategic Partnerships

We drive greater business value for every customer by combining forces with valued partners.

Data Partners

Red e App is partnered with many of the leading technology and consulting companies on the planet! If you are a payroll, HR, benefits/risk management, safety, compliance, wellness, recognition, survey, or learning management company, we want to show you how YOU + Red e App = supercharged acceleration!

Consulting Partners

If you are a human capital, risk, or change management consulting firm, we want to help you deliver on your promise to your customers — to help them more efficiently manage risk, change, and their human capital efforts by implementing the Red e App platform.