Quality production, on time every time

Quality work

Send training videos, alert employees of near-miss incidents, and notify your workforce in high-risk situations such as natural disasters. Businesses spend $170 billion each year on occupational illnesses and injuries. Having healthy, educated, well-trained, and informed employees starts and ends with better communication.

Manage change faster

Manage change faster

Calling an all-hands meeting or extending your daily team stand-up can cost you thousands in lost productivity. You can ensure employees get information about key business changes as quickly as possible (without the loss of productivity) by using real-time notifications in Red e App. With the option to reply to a message sender, employees can ask questions to better understand changes, ensuring that they know how to move forward and feel comfortable with the shift in process.

Get the best ideas - directly from employees

Get the best ideas

Associates in the field or on the plant floor know your processes, machinery, and products better than anyone else in your company. This workforce is an untapped resource for innovation and ideas. 2-way communication in Red e App allows you to get feedback directly from the frontline workers.

Streamline overtime shift management

Shift Management

Post all of your available overtime shifts in Red e App and allow employees to pick up shifts as they are opened. Managers save time - they no longer have to make phone calls or walk the plant floor to fill shifts, and you can ensure that your extra shifts will be fully staffed.