Connecting your
disconnected workforce

If you work in a non-desk dominant industry, it’s likely that the majority of your employees lack basic digital access for their jobs. Without company email or regular access to a personal computer at work, your frontline workforce is disconnected and out of the loop. Your managers likely struggle to communicate critical information to their employees, and your inability to communicate quickly and concisely costs you money every day.

The smartphone has created a connection point for your non-desk employees for the first time. As a mobile platform built for the non-desk workforce, Red e App creates the highway for all kinds of interactions that will help you run your business more efficiently. With real-time communications, you can make decisions more quickly, manage change faster, and get real-time intelligence from the front lines of your business.

Communication is the ultimate
competitive advantage

Our software is just the starting point.

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SaaS Onboarding Experts help you manage a successful launch

Getting every employee to download Red e App might sound like a logistical nightmare. That’s why we deploy onboarding teams to created a customized, detailed launch plan, and provide virtual and in-person assistance for your employees and managers.

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Dedicated user and admin support, around-the-clock.

Problems and questions arise naturally with the use of new software. Our support team is available to assist your employees via phone, email, or in the app; this removes the support burden from your in-house IT team. We also provide ongoing coaching for comms leaders and managers, helping them lead and communicate more effectively.

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Future features designed with you in mind.

Red e App features are built to create operational efficiencies for your hourly and non-desk workforce. Shifts, Forms, Advanced Analytics, and other features will transform your organization with new levels of connection and insights from your frontline associates.

Enterprise security for every company.

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SOC 2 security is a serious business.

Red e App complies with SOC 2 standards for security, availability, processing integrity, privacy, and confidentiality. The SOC 2 report covers all internal controls as well as the use of third-party service providers. A copy of our most recent report is available upon request.

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Let’s talk about your data.

All data inside of Red e App is encrypted and stored on AWS servers. All of that data is your data, meaning that you own it and it will never be sold. Data audits are always available upon request, providing you with a digital trail and documentation needed for compliance. Read more about our security and privacy policy.

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Security and privacy managed for HIPAA compliance

The healthcare industry needs technology that’s both secure and private. Red e App meets HIPAA safeguard requirements and is compliant as a Business Associate. We’re proud to provide a secure platform to protect you, your employees, and your patients.

Automation and architecture are everything.

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High turnover? No problem.

Onboarding new staff members is a time-consuming process for HR, which is why we made onboarding them into Red e App seamless. Offboarding employees, whether one or in seasonal bulk, is just as easy and secure since we remote wipe your organization’s data from their device when you no longer employ them.

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HR AutoSync is your friend.

We’ve spent years perfecting technology that intuitively maps to your existing HR system. Targeted, effective communication is dependent on maintaining up-to-date groups. Red e App is able to reflect group changes in real-time without the hassle, time, and expense of updating multiple systems (we know this could literally require a full-time staff person just to maintain without the right technology in place).

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One org chart to rule them all.

Utilizing groups and targeted communication, our platform fosters natural company communication that mirrors the organizational structure a non-desk worker already knows. Supervisors can communicate with entire teams at once and receive employee responses individually, avoiding the chaos of a reply all or mass message chain.

If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it.

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Compliance reporting ensures employee accountability.

Red e App provides critical compliance reporting for Environmental Health & Safety, Training, Benefits, and more. Reduce the number of mailings you are required to send, eliminated out-of-date manuals, and know with confidence (and a digital trail) that your employees are getting the message.

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Take control by tracking your communication trends.

Red e App gives your organization insight into optimal send dates, times, and which messages are resonating within your workforce. Knowing these trends helps you send more engaging communications at peak hours for higher read rates.

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Make data-driven decisions.

Analytics in Red e App help you track the impact of your communications, employee engagement levels, and effective manager communications. You can even gain key insights into employee turnover and how to prevent it.