BizTimes Milwaukee: Notable Women in Human Resources

To say that Human Resource professionals in healthcare have faced challenges in the last year is an understatement. Across our customer base, we know there are many unsung heroes who have worked diligently to equip, manage, and support their employees in uncharted waters.

BizTimes Milwaukee: Notable Women in Human Resources - Red e App

MyPath is a private provider of specialized education, therapeutic and community support services for high-need individuals. Red e App has been working with MyPath since June 2019 to help their HR and Operations team communicate and operate more effectively.

This month, Bethany Skalitzky of MyPath was honored as a Notable Woman in Human Resources by BizTimes Milwaukee. Bethany is part of a group of women recognized for going above and beyond, not only for the companies they work for but also for the community they serve. As a Human Resource leader, Bethany has used her creative thinking skills to support MyPath as they navigated the pandemic.

With Red e App in place, Bethany has been able to improve existing communication streams as well as implement additional educational messaging. MyPath is an ESOP, and while this can be an incredible benefit for co-owners (employees), many new hires lack the knowledge and understanding of exactly what an ESOP is. Bethany helped to implement an educational program with videos and messages sent through Red e App with messages like the one pictured below:

BizTimes Milwaukee: Notable Women in Human Resources - Red e App

Way to go Bethany! Innovative heroes like you help ensure that our ever-critical frontline, essential, non-desk workers have the tools they need to thrive, even in a difficult year.

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