Consolidate and drive
usage across all of your
employee platforms with
the Red e App Hub,
built for the needs of
the non-desk workforce.

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Streamline the employee engagement experience and manage change in dynamic environments by putting all employee work platforms in one easy- to-use location.

The vast majority of employee work platforms are not used by the non-desk workforce. Why? Because most platforms are built solely with the desk-bound worker in mind. Not us. Red e App has been designed around the needs and behaviors of the non-desk worker. That’s why our customers use Red e App every single day to get rede for work. Now, with the Red e App Hub, you can experience company-wide high levels of participation (up to a 300% improvement!) across all of your employee platforms like payroll, benefits, scheduling, training, rewards and recognition, project management, and more.

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Disparate systems, poor adoption, minimal usage, and unrealized ROI. Sound familiar?

Simplify the employee experience, manage change, reduce the costs of maintaining multiple apps, and start to drive utilization across all of your work platforms with the click of a button.

Connect > Extend > Optimize

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Red e App will help eliminate the costs associated with disparate systems, drive utilization, and reach ROI goals across your platforms and entire workforce.

As an add-on feature of the Red e App platform, the App Hub allows admins to simply drag and drop additional platforms to make them accessible via the main menu on mobile. Choose from a selection of Basic, Preferred or Premium Partners where levels of integration range from a simple link through to API integrations and auth forwarding / single sign on.

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Change your approach to platform management by leveraging the power of the Red e App Hub.

Platforms accessed through the Red e App Hub include:

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