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Unify critical employee engagement
and Human Capital Management (HCM)
centered employee services in one
easy-to-use location.
Simplify work life with the
Red e App Hub, where
non-desk workers, easily
access what matters most.

The Red e App-Hub unifies ALL Human Capital Management (HCM) oriented employee services and vendors in one place with a single access. This intelligent mobile highway allows businesses to create new services or deliver existing ones with comprehensive engagement reporting of your unique business process automation and workflows – all in a single, simple, and intuitive user experience. From HR to Wellness, or Recognition to Benefits, – Red e App connects you and provides every employee, including non-desk workers, instant access to what matters most to each employee.

By delivering all relevant employee services in one location, Red e App elevates the employee experience. It enhances the performance, usage, and adoption of other HCM platforms that ride on the Red e App highway. Because employees live in Red e App day in and day out, providing access to additional platforms is quick and easy through the touch of a button. Having employees access their employee engagement solutions and other HCM products via the Rede App Hub has shown documented increases of 55% in usage and adoption across employee engagement including; forms usage, surveys, rewards/recognition, benefits, payroll, and other human resources platforms.

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Change your approach to platform management by leveraging the power of the Red e App Hub.

Disparate systems, poor adoption, minimal usage, and unrealized ROI. Sound familiar? Red e App, along with our Hub Partners and Premier Partners, supports operational success in large industries (mining, manufacturing, construction, and logistics), specialty and long-term healthcare, and hospitality and retail organizations. App Hub Partner services include (but are not limited to): HR, Payroll, Health & Safety, Learning Management and Training, Rewards & Recognition, Employee Wellness, Emergency Management, Workforce Management, Benefits & Perks, and Feedback and Culture.

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We have seen an over 300% increase in non-desk employee participation in employee recognition programs since partnering with Red e App.

Frontline employees, people that work with their hands, machines, tools, customers, and patients, don’t sit behind desks with easy access to employee engagement solutions, benefits, and HCM solutions. If you want to provide them with easy access to all these resources, then you have to reach them via their mobile phone. Red e App has spent over a decade perfecting how to reach these non-desk workers. Our success can be measured in both our high adoption rates, but more importantly in our monthly usage rates. No one provides higher usage rates because no one has built their solution around the needs of these hard to reach employees.


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