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In today’s world, there is more competition than ever before to attract and retain top talent. Workers in non-desk industries are looking for companies to provide employee engagement that will create meaningful connection to their work, and this workforce has many more options than in previous decades. More than half of the employees are actively looking to change jobs at any given time. Employers are becoming increasingly aware of the need to solve for Employee Engagement amongst this historically more stable and less mobile non-desk workforce.

But what exactly does “employee engagement” mean for the non-desk worker? There are many platforms to choose from, including employee survey, reward and recognition, health and wellness, and many others. These are certainly all engagement tools, but true engagement starts and ends with establishing a meaningful connection and relevant communication through personally-owned devices.

Employee engagement with Red e App is proven to boost employee morale, increase retention, raise productivity, and improve profitability.

Frontline, or non-desk employees work with their hands, tools, machines, patients, and customers. They have different needs and work habits that require an entirely different engagement experience than those who work at a desk with easy access to work tools like email and Slack. Traditional communication and engagement platforms are not designed for everyone. From day one, Red e App has been a mobile-first solution for the non-desk worker.

According to the latest data, over 90% of Fortune 500 companies are searching for an employee engagement solution to address retention.

Why are so many companies searching for a employee engagement solution, when most of them already have some type of app in place? We think the answer is obvious, Silicon Valley developed solutions for desk-bound workers don’t work with frontline workers. The numbers speak for themselves. Anything below 80% adoption and regular usage isn’t going to deliver employee engagement.

Do you remember the last time you worked a non-desk job? Chances are it was a long-time ago, maybe even before smart phones were ubiquitous. Walk with us in their shoes for a moment. Caregivers, folks on a factory line, in a mine or building a road don’t read company email. They don’t have time for constant communication, reply all messages, or lengthy newsfeeds. Millions of dollars are wasted every year by companies who try to apply desk worker solutions to non-desk staff, thinking that they will be able to achieve high levels of adoption, usage and ROI.

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The Red e App difference, it starts with connection.

In 2013, Red e App pioneered an employee engagement platform for the non-desk workforce. Far from the global tech “hub” of Silicon Valley, and surrounded by non-desk industries, Red e App identified the need and opportunity to connect, communicate, and engage these workers using their mobile phones. Our research was far from academic. We rode in delivery trucks, interviewed factory line workers on the job, walked the halls of Senior Living homes with caregivers. Here’s what we found.

We saw that this workforce was dynamic, had high turnover, ever-changing teams, and evolving reporting structures. Managing the permissions and connections and changes would require thousands of manual hours unless this time-consuming task was automated. To solve this problem we created our revolutionary Shelbe.AI employee engagement engine. Shelbe.AI is an intuitive, rule- based technology that automatically adjusts permissions to address the constant changes to the workforce. Shelbe.AI saves time and resources to improve efficiency and profitability.

We realized that these workers required a different kind of communication. One that avoided the reply-all noise and distraction of social messaging apps and emails, and importantly, one designed to help them do their job. It was only through intentional and purposeful design that we were then able to build a highly structured platform that would not only be readily and voluntarily adopted by the employees themselves, but at the same time would provide employers with a powerful connection through which they could build trust with, optimize, and retain their essential workers.


The Results Speak for Themselves.

With customers ranging from mining companies in South America and Australia to Senior Living residences across North America, we connect with and engage their workforces. Construction companies with geo- graphically dispersed sites rely on Red e App to improve safety and communication. Factories and manufacturers that make everything from car batteries to peanut butter have boosted morale and enhanced productivity with our platform. From casinos to coffee shops and hotels to retailers, companies are dramatically improving employee engagement and customer service.

We are proud that many of our customers have reached 100% voluntary adoption, and our average adoption amongst the non-desk population is in excess of 90%. Through intentional and purposeful design, we have been able to achieve over 82% same-day read rates and 94% read rates within 24 hours!

We knew from our research that if we could create a meaningful connection between employers and non-desk employees, then we could increase retention, productivity, and profitability. With documented client retention rates at 50% above industry averages, a proven time savings of 30 minutes per day per non-desk worker, and 2 hours saved per day for managers and leadership, the Return on Investment for organizations is unmatched in the market. This value has translated to a less than half a percent churn of Red e App customers annually.

If your company is genuinely interested in engaging your non-desk workforce through a meaningful and measurable connection, one that is proven to drive productivity and profitability, we encourage you to try Red e App. We are confident that, like our current customers, you will never leave if you do.

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