Manage Shifts and Schedules Faster, Easier

Efficiently, effectively, and easily connect to fill all your scheduling gaps

Now you can manage overtime more efficiently, fill open shifts faster, democratize scheduling, and share labor across multiple locations — easily and effectively. Throw out your manual overtime clipboards and Post-it notes.

Red e App’s structures, rules, and groups set the foundation for one labor management tool that connects your entire non-desk workforce, even if it’s a multi-shift operation or running 24/7/365.

  • Distribute work schedules
  • Enforce managerial approval for swaps and trades
  • Quickly find shift coverage as needs evolve
  • Manage overtime and PTO
  • Pool labor across regions, areas, cities, and locations

Fill open shifts without the headache

Enable deskless workers to quickly and securely exchange shifts within designated groups. Empower managers with easily established approval processes and easy, efficient posting of available open shifts.

Reduce administrative work and increase accountability. Create a digital trail of all shift activity, ensuring accurate and accessible records with automated reports delivered to managers.


One org chart to rule them all

Utilizing groups and targeted communication, our platform fosters natural company communication that mirrors the organizational structure a non-desk worker already knows. 

  • Manage scheduling changes by leveraging groups and permissions that are already in place to ensure that you find the right person who is qualified to fill or approve a shift.
  • Remove the chaos of mass-message chains by enabling supervisors and managers to communicate with entire teams at once and receive employee responses individually.
  • Eliminate the need for employees to swap phone numbers or share personal contact information in order to fill open shifts, with all work-related communication happening in the secure environment of Red e App.

Join the mobile cloud platform purpose-built for the non-desk workforce.​