Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What exactly is a ‘non-desk’ employee?

A non-desk employee typically spends their time working with their hands, tools, machines, or serves customers or patients. Whether it be making something in the field or on the factory floor, or serving people at a healthcare facility, in a retail setting, or within hospitality – these are non-desk workers. They typically don’t have an email address, or other digital means of connection. This workforce has often been overlooked, despite representing over 50% of the global workforce and including over 2.1 billion workers.

How are employees authorized without an email address?

We set up an easy integration with your HR system of record and authorize employees into your network with a unique ID, most commonly the employee’s ID number. No email is required!

How do employees get connected?

Red e App sends a MagicLink to employees’ personal smartphones via text message or email. The link sends them to their app store, where they download Red e App and are automatically authorized into your network. No email or phone number collected? No problem! Employees can connect by entering their unique ID and network name.

Can Redeapp integrate with my current systems?

Yes! Red e App receives and pushes data into a variety of systems today either through the App Hub or via bespoke integrations. Check out some of these common use cases…

  • Allow employees to see their paycheck by accessing data from your payroll provider.
  • Let employees swap shifts and auto-update your scheduling system simultaneously.
  • Send completed form data from Red e App to your HRIS.
  • Link employees directly into your training platform of choice.
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How do you measure adoption and usage?

Unlike others who count 100% adoption as having logged in at least once at any point throughout the year, we use a more detailed formula that is based on true engagement. Our Red e Champ scores look at read rate, message count, and read time as indicators of adoption and regular usage. These scores are tallied by user in order to give you unique insights into the engagement and productivity of your workforce.

Is Redeapp secure?

Yes. Each customer network is closed and inaccessible by anyone outside of the organization (unless specifically granted access). As people leave your organization, they are automatically removed from the network. This adds an extra layer of protection against malware and ransomware attacks. All data is securely stored on the cloud by AWS. Red e App is SOC 2 Type 2 audited annually to ensure ongoing compliance with security protocols.

Is Redeapp compliant?

Yes, Redeapp is compliant under the following governing bodies:

  • GDPR
  • Privacy Shield

Can Redeapp be used off the clock?

Yes! Redeapp satisfies wage and hour concerns by maintaining a voluntary platform. Ask a representative for documentation.


Can Redeapp track my employees?

No, and as a matter of fact, you don’t want us to! Employees don’t want to be tracked, and adoption of the platform would suffer if we did. Red e App is not a surveillance tool, but we do offer the ability to audit message content for eDiscovery, HR dispute resolution, and legal compliance.

How much money can a solution like Red e App save me?

Organizations renew Red e App every year because it pays for itself through productivity and efficiency gains, increased retention, and digitization of paper-based and manual processes. Companies can expect to see a minimum of 3-7x ROI or more! For an employee base of 1,000 people, you could be saving yourself millions each year.

How does Red e App help improve my employee safety?

In short, a more informed workforce is a safer workforce. Red e App is central to engaging employees on safety trainings and sign offs, good catch reporting, emergency alerts, inclement weather alerts, accident reporting, and real time team communication.

How much time will a solution like this save my employees?

Our customers report 30 minutes saved per day for non-desk employees and up to 2 hours per day for managers and admins of the platform!

How long does it take for employees to get used to working with Red e App?

Red e App has been thoughtfully designed with the end user in mind, and is built to look and feel like messaging platforms that everyone will recognize. If you and your employees are comfortable with email and text messaging, Red e App is rede to go right out of the box!

How do you get employees to sign up? How do you overcome hesitancy with the workforce to sign up?

Red e App’s friendly and intuitive design makes it easy to use, helps people be more effective in their jobs, and employees love it! Once onto the platform, each person sees information that is relevant to their work lives, and it always stays up to date with Shelbe.AI, our intelligent relevance engine. This keeps adoption high, and users engaged.


How do you prevent message overload?

Red e App is a top down and structured platform that delivers ONLY the relevant information to and between teams and peers. By design, Red e App does not overload employees, and employers can track the health of a network through insightful analytics. In our experience, a healthy amount of communication with the non-desk workforce is between 3-5 messages per employee per week.

I don’t want my CEO being asked questions by our entire workforce that would be connected with Red e App, how do you prevent this?

Red e App allows users to find any other user through a directory. While you can turn directory off, we advise that you don’t as it can impact adoption of the platform. Several customers have voiced concerns over the ability for anyone to connect with senior leadership, but we have never found this to be an issue. In many cases, the CEO and other leaders prefer to have a more direct line of communication with employees on the front line.

What is the difference between Red e App and other messaging apps?

Most messaging apps are open architected, unstructured, and managed manually. They often lack in basic security, and take a significant amount of time to administer. Because they are unstructured, users may see excess and irrelevant information, resulting in loss of adoption. Not only does Red e App solve for all of these issues, but it also provides optimized workflow, process and change management functionality through Resources, Forms and Shifts. Furthermore, it also provides a single point of access for all employee services via the App Hub. This improves user experience and drives up utilization of not just Red e App, but all other Human Capital Management platforms that you choose to add into the Hub.

How does Shelbe AI work? What makes it unique?

Shelbe.AI is an intelligent relevance engine that manages change at scale – over 100 billion automated changes and counting since its introduction. Sounds great, but what does it mean for your business? The bottom line is that it removes any administrative requirements common with other platforms, and the usual associated administrative time spent by front office, managers and employees. With Shelbe.AI, employees are automatically placed into the right groups and permission sets they need to be in from the moment they sign in for the first time. Shelbe.AI adjusts permissions by title, location, teams, projects, and more… so that you don’t have to.

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