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Employee engagement improves safety,
quality, production, and employee retention.

Most of your workforce spends their day working with their hands, machines, and tools, not at a desk behind a computer — they’re the frontline employees that are the lifeblood of any industrial operation. Whether manufacturing products or making deliveries, they traditionally haven’t had the tools or technology to feel a connection or engagement with the company that people who work at a desk with corporate email feel. This lack of connection leads to higher turnover, lower productivity, and less efficiency.

With high employee turnover and low retention rates, companies are looking for ways to engage these non-desk employees. Luckily, we have the answer, one that is proven to improve employee morale, efficiency, productivity, and retention. Red e App is the only industrial employee engagement app built around the unique needs and work habits of the industrial non-desk workforce. It is the one solution capable of driving success across your entire organization.

Red e App keeps your deskless workforce seamlessly connected to management and up to date with everything they need to know, when they need to know it, right on their mobile devices. By providing highly structured and meaningful connections and comprehensive automation of everyday tasks, including employee permissions and tasks, Red e App empowers employees. It generates improved productivity, performance, and profitability.

Bring engagement to life by delivering key information and employee services such as training videos, surveys, shifts, forms, safety information, health and wellness, rewards and recognition, and communication with team members, managers, and corporate leadership.

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Engaged workers are more aware of their surroundings and best practices around safety and are more likely to take steps to protect their co-workers.

(Harvard Business Review, October 24, 2019).

Businesses spend $170 billion each year on occupational illnesses and injuries. Many of these can be avoided by having engaged and informed employees; it starts and ends with better communication. An engaged workforce where the employees are involved, committed, and cared about is linked to positive business outcomes. We have seen this repeatably with our clients, and we have the data and case studies to support this.

Red e App allows leadership and managers to send training videos, alert employees of near-miss incidents, and notify your workforce of potential high-risk situations, such as natural disasters or severe weather

Reduce downtime and manage production change more efficiently.

Staggering employee shifts and shutting down vital lines so that non-desk workers can attend a meeting will cost your company thousands of dollars in lost productivity. With Red e App, you can ensure non-desk employees get information about key business changes in real-time without lost productivity.

To be effective, engagement requires two-way communication. One-way traffic with no option to communicate in return can leave employees demotivated and disempowered. Red e App provides highly structured communications that ensure the right message reaches the right person, at the right time, without all the noise and distractions common with alternative communication mechanisms. Red e App is also secure and compliant, so you don’t have to worry about company communications being accessed by the public.


Allow your employees to provide input and feel appreciated.

Your production team knows your processes, machinery, products, and delivery better than anyone in your company. Asking them for input gives you the potential to tap into a wealth of knowledge that can drive innovation and ideas while at the same time allowing your workforce to feel appreciated, listened to, and respected. Two-way communication, surveys, and forms in Red e App allow you to get feedback directly from your frontline workers quickly and efficiently.

Streamline workforce management with Red e App’s Shifts feature.

Post all of your available shifts in Red e App and empower eligible employees to pick up shifts as soon as they’re open, saving your managers significant time. Forget about phone calls, reply-all emails, or last-minute floor walks to round up willing resources. In short, ensure your extra shifts will be fully staffed, quickly and efficiently, every time. Democratize your shift fulfillment today and start realizing the benefits!

We know how to create engagement, reduce turnover, and improve retention. We do it every day, across the world.


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