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At Red e App we help our casino and hotel customers build highly structured communications with their entire workforce. Our casino employee engagement app not only improves morale and retention, it drives efficiencies, productivity and profitability across the organization.

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Built to deliver a highly relevant connection and engagement between casino leadership and non-desk employees.

Gaming and hospitality organizations operate within highly complex, dynamic environments that are in a state of constant change. All employees, from cleaning staff to croupiers, need to be on point when it comes to providing customers wiht a fantastic experience. Having timely information, access to workflow, and relevant communication is key. Red e App is a strategic partner to over a dozen casinos and hotels across nine States and Canada, and a critical tool for the more than 25,000 staff that keep the lights on. The majority of these employees carry out manual tasks in service of the customers, and do not have time for, nor access to, traditional and ineffectual modes of communication like email. Our casino employee engagement app, Red e App, provides a highly tailored engagement experience for each and every employee on their own device, and delivers greater productivity, efficiency and profitability to the organization. 

Modernize connection to your workforce today with Red e App.

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Hard Rock Hotels & Casinos


  • Communication was a top 3 challenge as reported by employees
  • Myriad of social platforms, disjointed, unsponsored, unfiltered and uncoordinated
  • No globally scalable, single point of access technology for employee engagement or optimization

What Red e App Provided

  • Red e App standardized connection of every employee AND every manager – maintained the relationships and created relevant information and communication to every employee
  • These structured connections enabled optimized team communication and shift changes, which helped the company stay agile under a variety of operating circumstances such as; weather, convention staffing, VIP events, and especially during the pandemic.
  • Enabling smooth operations post pandemic at 70% of original staffing levels for new site
  • Delivering Terryberry rewards and recognition with 82% engagement on the Red e App highway
  • Red e App is now used by 20,000 employees across California, Florida, Ohio, New York, Indiana, New Jersey, Illinois, Virginia, and Internationally
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“The majority of team members don’t have access or use email… it’s not effective or efficient to call 20,000 people whenever we have an update. From a training and engagement standpoint, I don’t know what I would do without Red e App.”

– Meaghan Ryan, VP Human Resources


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In this article we explore one aspect of operational infrastructure – connectivity between critical middle managers and frontline, non-desk workers. We show how some within the gaming industry are moving ahead of their peers through deployment of enterprise technology solutions that enable frontline employee engagement and create work trust.
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