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Red e App is working with over 300 senior living communities to increase employee retention, lower turnover, and improve frontline worker morale. Our senior living employee engagement app was designed around the needs of this dynamic workforce, delivering the highest adoption, usage and read rates in the industry.

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We create connections, which allows non-desk employee communication, that drives retention, inclusion, and delivers higher quality care.

Healthcare and senior living companies have traditionally had high turnover and employee retention issues with their non-desk employees. Since the start of the pandemic these problems have become more severe and resulted in major shortages for frontline workers and staffing fees have risen dramatically. Red e App is the employee engagement solution proven to address these issues and deliver higher retention, improved productivity, and increased profitability while automating permissions for this dynamic workforce.

Red e App is a strategic partner to some of the industry’s leaders including Trilogy Health Systems, Legend Senior Living, Accura Healthcare, and Atlas Senior Living to name a few. We are proud members of LeadingAge, Argentum, KSLA, and OALA. We serve well over 300 communities with over 30,000 employees sending out over 100 million notifications. We uniquely provide employee engagement to non-desk frontline workers who carry out manual tasks in service of the residents, and do not have time for, nor access to, traditional and ineffectual modes of communication like email. Red e App’s senior living employee engagement app provides a personal engagement experience for each and every employee on their own device, and delivers greater productivity, efficiency and profitability to the company

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Trilogy Health Services


  • Employee turnover is on the rise in the Senior Living industry, reaching up to 300% for some positions
  • Leadership communications relied heavily on word of mouth, while the environment demanded real-time, two-way communciattion that is compliant, trackable, and measurable
  • Employee complaints and satisfaction with the company centered around poor communication with managers and teams, employees felt disconnected and this led to lower retention and higher turnover

What Red e App Provided

  • Within months, more than 75% of all Trilogy employees began actively using Red e App
  • Employees immediately saw how easy it was to gain access to information and communicate with their teams, and how it benefited their daily work
  • Meaningful company-wide connection to role/job, management and company
  • Automated workforce optimization, development and management that is now able to be extended out to the entire workforce
  • Access to job critical documentation, policy, workflow and compliance
  • Unprecedented visibility to company-wide engagement as well as management, location or business unit performance

“Communication is the cornerstone upon which our company’s culture is built. It’s how we share our mission, vision, and values, and how we ensure that our employees know that they are cared for. Red e App is a powerful tool our leadership can use to build relationships with the employees they serve. This leads to higher retention, better care for our residents, and ultimately, a return on our investment.”

– Randy Bufford, Chairman


Strange Bedfellows

The Convergence of Innovation and Compliance in Long-Term Care

In the ever-changing and diverse world of healthcare, there is a natural tension that exists between innovation and compliance. One side seeks out change, something new and unknown. This often comes with a perception of risk, but also benefit for the organization. The other side seeks to control its environment, stay within a known universe, and limit exposure to risk. What results is a delicate but important dance between these competing forces. Managed correctly, the relationship can support the growth of a highly successful organization that meets the needs of all stakeholders and redefines how risks are mitigated. Managed incorrectly, it can lead to a dysfunctional culture where fear drives behavior, investment in innovation is de-prioritized, and exposure to operational and financial risk increases.


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