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Your organization runs on a complex information superhighway, crowded with a wide variety of tools, systems, and software platforms from which your employees need to gain access to an array of information. Unfortunately, your superhighway gets too full of information vehicles and too many on- and off-ramps. Employees are lost and overwhelmed trying to get the information they need when they need it — especially the BYOD-dependent deskless worker. 

Mobile Cloud from Red e App is the world’s first connection and automation platform uniquely designed for the non-desk workforce, and it changes all of that. We help remove the confusion and convoluted access to all of your existing online processes, systems, and knowledge.

With a unique corporate identity and customizable permissions, the Red e App mobile cloud for non-desk engagement is the separate technology application that’s been missing in the battle to address the BYOD challenges of the traditionally unconnected workforce. 

Red e App Mobile Cloud for non-desk workers makes it easy for the previously unconnected worker to travel your organization’s superhighway with a clear path for access to the communication, information, and other applications they need. If you have a non-desk workforce that requires secure, simplified access to existing documents, forms, processes, and third-party platforms such as learning and credentialing, you need the Red e App Mobile Cloud.


Our specialized cloud-based architecture can seamlessly and easily offer access on any device to:

  • Benefits, wellness, and recognition documents
  • Labor optimization, scheduling, and time and attendance programs and and tools
  • Environmental health and safety documents
  • Training, learning management, and credentialing programs, platforms, and documents
  • Facilities, maintenance and grounds documents, and communications
  • Applicant tracking, onboarding, and recruiting systems, processes, and forms
  • Company news, intranet, contact lists, and handbooks
  • Forms, surveys, and data collection workflows

Additional services include API integration and workflows, process improvement, and advisory services. Learn how to leverage Mobile Cloud Connect for operational efficiencies and change management.

All of your processes and tools, all in one place

Mobile Cloud for deskless connection bridges the information and communication gap that has plagued non-desk employees and their managers. It brings your organization’s tools and processes to one secure place. Increase engagement and productivity by eliminating confusion and the constant pivoting between systems.

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