Safe, secure, and compliant — all in the cloud

Risk management: reliable, targeted, instant connection for any crisis or mission-critical moment

With instant access to — and capabilities for — broadcast messaging and group structures, Red e App helps you reach every non-desk employee during any emergency, weather disruption, security threat, or other critical circumstance.

Because message receipts are automatically generated, you ensure accountability, while structured connections help you reach the right team members every time — immediately.


Send something by mistake? Retract the message instantly.

It happens. Someone sends out information that’s wrong or inappropriate. Red e App allows an administrator or user to retract that communication. It’s pulled from other employees’ devices while maintaining a record of it for the administrator and original sender.

Compliance reporting: measure it, improve it, ensure employer accountability

Red e App provides critical compliance reporting for environmental health and safety, training, benefits, and more. You can reduce the number of mailings you are required to send, eliminate the risk of distributing out-of-date manuals, and know with confidence (and with a digital trail) that your deskless employees are getting the message.


Data security: serious business we take very seriously

Red e App complies with SOC 2 standards for security, availability, processing integrity, privacy, and confidentiality. The SOC 2 report covers all of our internal controls, as well as the use of third-party service providers. A copy of our most recent report is available upon request.

  • All data inside Red e App is encrypted and stored on AWS servers. All of that data is yours. You own it, and we never sell it to third parties.
  • Data audits are accessible through the admin console, and broader audits are always available upon request, providing you with a digital trail and documentation needed for compliance. Read more about our security and privacy policy.

Looking for additional security & compliance information? We're here to help.