Easy access to relevant resources for preparation, direction, and action

From training and benefits to documents and forms, keep every deskless worker connected and engaged

The Red e App Mobile Cloud, combined with our Attach and Extend API Framework, makes your life easier, gives you time back, and ensures that your non-desk employees and their managers get the information they need every time, on time.

Grant secure access with employee file management for documents, policies, procedures, and ongoing training materials that are mission-critical for a modern, mobile workforce. An informed, focused, and effective organization can’t thrive on a diet of paper handouts and bulletin board memos.

What resources can Red e App handle? Here are a few examples.

  • Employee handbooks and SOP guides
  • Work schedules
  • Training manuals and videos
  • Employee recognition
  • Intranet links
  • Benefits documents and wellness information
  • Emergency procedures and training
  • Internal job openings
  • Hotlines and contact lists
  • Safety checklists
  • “See something, say something” campaigns
  • PTO requests
  • Contact information changes
  • Suggestion box
  • Training quizzes
employee pulse survey

Trade paper and pen for digital and mobile

Enable your employees to complete digital forms in the Red e App Mobile Cloud while you streamline your workflows and create digital archives. Use the data from completed forms to understand trends, generate business insights, and improve operations.

Join the mobile cloud platform purpose-built for the non-desk workforce.​