Integration that surpasses what you’ve come to expect

An integration framework that simply and elegantly extends existing employee services and processes

Building on our mobile cloud for the deskless workforce, Red e App’s Attach and Extend API Framework far surpasses the unintelligent, linear integration capabilities you see elsewhere. It extends any of your existing services, platforms, corporate directories, or SSO systems. 

Red e App’s micro-services architecture provides smaller targeted services to meet specific needs of a broad range of employee services. These services work together to deliver a holistic solution that can seamlessly enable and deliver critical employee services to mobile clients, such as; HR, Payroll, Learning Management, Environmental Health & Safety, Wellness & Recognition, and Emergency Management — all simply and securely.

The Red e App Integration Suite is agile, nimble, and flexible allowing our customers to customize and leverage services that live in our Mobile Cloud to extend value, benefit, and efficiency to every employee.
mobile cloud

Join the mobile cloud platform purpose-built for the non-desk workforce.​