Engaging, targeted communication — without company email!

For HQ, HR, and managers at every level: structured, focused connection to your entire non-desk workforce

Anywhere your deskless workforce is, communication with them and their managers is at your fingertips. Communicate easily and confidently with every hourly and non-desk employee, including those without company email.

Improve operational efficiency and reduce turnover with targeted, media-rich messaging. Reach your team members with timely, relevant, and engaging internal communications.


Structured communications

Empower your frontline leadership, managers, and supervisors through focused, digital connections with every employee and team. Match communication permissions to organizational hierarchies and reporting structures. Reduce noisy “Reply All”  group messaging, and retain administrative control with audit and message-retraction capabilities.

What internal communications can Red e App handle?

From broad annoucements to granular, personal messages, our platform can handle all of your internal communications needs.

Here are just a few examples.

  • Company announcements and employee milestones
  • Manager-to-team group communications by role, location, shift, or skill set
  • Emergency and crisis coordination
  • Guaranteed accountability with “message read” receipts
  • Operational and safety training videos
  • Personalized benefits and pay communications

Did something get sent by mistake? Retract It.

It happens. Someone sends out information that’s wrong or inappropriate. Red e App allows the administrator or user to retract that communication. It’s pulled from other employees’ devices, while maintaining a record of it for the administrator and original sender.

Join the mobile cloud platform purpose-built for the non-desk workforce.​