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Non-desk employees – people who work with their hands, tools, machines, customers, and patients – make up over 55% of the world’s workforce. Frontline workers are the lifeblood of companies who depend on delivery of products and services. For years these essential workers have largely been ignored and unconnected to the organizations they work for. While billions have been spent to provide technology and improve engagement to desk-bound workers, (those employees that sit at a desk and have corporate email), little to no investment has been made to create employee engagement and connection with the non-desk employee.

Increasingly, companies are faced with worker shortages, high turnover, and low retention rates amongst their non-desk employee population. Leadership teams are desperately seeking the magic formula for “employee engagement”, and are presented with a myriad of solutions from which to choose. In reality, without first establishing a meaningful connection, true engagement is hard to attain. Non-desk workers have different needs, behaviors and work habits when it comes to connection and Red e App, over the course of a decade, has perfected the art and science of mobile engagement specifically for this worker.

Why do non-desk workers trust and use Red e App at much higher rates than all other employee engagement solutions? Because we were designed around their needs and work habits, we create connection to the company, make their job easier and communication meaningful.

When it comes to communication and engagement, non-desk employees need relevant information delivered at the right time, to the right person. Email, reply-all messaging, and social media applications are either hard to access or distracting, or both! Red e App is highly structured, adapts to organizational changes automatically, and provides all work-related employee services in a single place – all with the aim of enhancing the employee experience and connection to the company.

The future of frontline and non-desk employee engagement, one place for
all that is important.

As anyone who has tried to connect with this hard to reach workforce has discovered, it is hard to gain acceptance and regular usage. But as we have demonstrated over and over again, that once this connection and trust has been earned; employees accept and expand their use of our platform. The common saying that you will hear over and over from our customer testimonials is “Can I Red e App that?” or “Did you Red e App me?” We have become part of their daily routine, a tool that they depend on to simplify and make their job more efficient.

The trust that our customers have in Red e App led us to create the Red e App Hub, giving users easy access to other employee service apps and platforms without having to make a change to their behaviors. The upshot? A massive increase (300%+) in usage of non-Red e App platforms by non-desk worker populations, resulting in return on investment across HR tech stacks.

We are passionate about creating a meaningful connection between non-
desk employees and their companies.

Long before COVID and the “Great Resignation” we have been discussing the need for, and benefits of, employee engagement. We started a blog called Non-Desk Matters almost ten years ago where we talked about the opportunities that could be gained from two-way communication and connection with your frontline workforce. Many of those articles are still relevant and discussed today, here is a link to them as well as many new ones.

nde infographic
At the end of the day, do you really need
to engage your non-desk workforce?

If you haven’t been impacted by the “Great Resignation”, consider yourself fortunate. With employee turnover at an all-time high, recruitment and retention is paramount. Use of Red e App reduces turnover and increases retention by more than 15% on average.

With current shortages of available workers combined with higher than ever recruiting and on-boarding costs, not having a plan to engage your workforce is going to cost you time, money, and the quality of service or products will decline. As the saying goes… “Ignore at your own peril!”

At a recent seminar hosted by the Work Institute, the discussion turned to the shortage of workers available now and the additional workers that would be required when the Infrastructure Law kicks in this fall. If we currently have a shortage of 5.5 million workers, what will happen when the projected 8 million jobs for workers with a high school diploma or less, and the 4.8 million jobs for workers with more than a high school diploma are added to this shortage?

Start preparing yourself today, Red e App will improve retention, lower turnover and save you time and money. Click below to see how we have helped our cutomers better engage with their non-desk employees.

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