Automation, interoperability, and employee nurturing

Every deskless employee has a voice through forms and surveys — accessible from any mobile device

Too often, the voice of the non-desk employee is lost because they don’t have access to surveys as easily as workers who sit at a desk and are connected to the company portal, email, or intranet. 

For the same reason, deskless workers too often need to jump through hoops — even taking time away from their jobs — to download and complete the important forms that employees with company email and portal access can take care of in a flash.

The Red e App Mobile Cloud, combined with our Attach and Extend API Framework, changes all of that. Now, you can easily and efficiently make sure your non-desk workforce is as connected and heard as your employees who work at a desk. Your deskless workforce is more engaged and more aligned with the company culture and brand, no matter what mobile device they have at hand.

With Red e App, you can create authentic, equitable, and inclusive connections that enable a virtuous cycle of engagement. Every person is heard and connected, and every individual’s sense of work purpose is more aligned with the organization’s.


Seamless access, meaningful connection, simple administration

Because our Attach and Extend API Framework connects to any existing corporate directory or SSO system, you’re able to ensure every non-desk worker gets all the right employee services, including the ability to access and complete forms and surveys. Highly structured paths make sure that employees get the right information at the right time — securely and with confidence.

Red e App APIs take traditional integrations to new levels of authentication. They enable bi-directional data and propel rich-media delivery. We’ve simplified employee access and communication presentation for the non-desk workforce.

And it all happens efficiently, thanks to broad automation of manual processes and workflows, simple administration, and comprehensive management controls.

Join the mobile cloud platform purpose-built for the non-desk workforce.​