Cut the noise and clutter, make a powerful connection

Create and maintain highly structured communication paths to inform and empower your deskless workforce

Let’s get real. Most directory platforms, such as Active Directory, have been designed to serve an already connected desktop workforce that enjoys wide-open communication channels, groups, and accessibility features. Your deskless workers and their managers live in a different world and absolutely have different communication needs.

Non-desk workers often don’t have a company email account. More than that, their jobs keep them constantly working with their hands, serving customers face-to-face, operating machinery, or caring for patients.

Shelbe AI

Meet Shelbe, the engine driving clear connections with your deskless workforce

Shelbe, our powerful, enterprise-class, intelligent machine learning engine cuts the noise and clutter, minimizes intrusions, and ends communication complexity — for you and your non-desk workforce. Shelbe continuously ingests unstructured data and outputs automated operational structure (delegation, relationship, relevance, and workflow). Then it maps all of that to the personal device of any deskless worker — all at scale. 

Red e App created Shelbe specifically to overcome your deskless communication challenges and enable you to create highly structured communication paths to inform, direct, and empower all of your non-desk employees and their managers. 

Shelbe knows what your people need, learns what they read, and keeps the services they require within reach. No more noise, intrusions, and complexity.

Great communication is the first step toward greater engagement and better business results

With Shelbe navigating behind the scenes, you get a far more granular view of your organization so you can create highly structured communication paths to your non-desk workforce. The result is a connection that is actionable and measurable.

Shelbe intuitively maps to data in your existing HR system. The results save you time and money every single day:

  • You have up-to-date group paths — with changes reflected in real time and minimal maintenance
  • You don’t have the hassle, time, and expense of updating multiple systems (which often requires a full-time person simply to maintain permissions in various apps)

You’re now able to deliver targeted, effective communication with confidence that the right person is getting the right message.


Reinventing onboarding (and offboarding) for an enhanced employee experience

Onboarding new employees is a time-consuming hassle for everyone involved. And research proves it can make or break a new hire’s view of your company. That’s another reason we’ve built a seamless onboarding process into Red e App, powered by Shelbe.

At the other end of the employee life cycle, a bad offboarding experience can also damage your employer brand (think Glassdoor reviews). With Shelbe — whether it’s one employee leaving or your entire payroll of seasonal staff — offboarding is just as easy for everyone as our onboarding process. And we ensure your security by remotely wiping your organization’s data from their device upon termination.

Join the mobile cloud platform purpose-built for the non-desk workforce.​