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Lauren D.
Lauren D.
PENA's use of REA Working with Red e App has been a very good experience overall. I appreciate the customer service and the willingness to consider updates and new features of the app to make the platform more functional for our needs. ☺The push notification of network messaging. It's great to be able to send a mass message that reaches our entire audience at once. ☹The recently discovered discrepancy in capturing and calculating read rate. We have been closely following the read rate as a way to understand message saturation and to discover that it doesn't mean that users are opening a specific message (only the thread) throws our metrics and understand of readership off. We are hoping to have the item resolved as soon as possible so we can more accurately understand if users are truly opening/reading company messages.
Meredith P.
Meredith P.
Great app for staying connected This is a great app for us to share confidential information, and to stay in touch when we have network issues and need to alert our team members when we can't do so by email. ☺Instant connection with our team members during timely matters - especially those who do not check email often. ☹Not having the ability to send broadcasts to groups as an admin from a mobile device - it comes from the individual.
Tad E.
Tad E.
Non desk employee communication The app is so easy to communicate to my non desk employees. ☺I love the ease of being able to communicate to one or all 100 of my employees at anytime. I am able to communicate to one department at a time or all of them at once. I also enjoy the fact that all of our HR information can be given to all of our employees at one time. ☹It took a while to get all of my employees to sign up to another app, but once they did, they were extremely happy to get all of our company communication in one place.
Cathe D.
Cathe D.
Tinkertoy Technology for Today's Business ☺I grew up building with Tinkertoys (R) and from that, I developed an understanding of how to connect things in creative ways for form and functionality. It may seem simplistic; however, in my work at our nonprofit, connection is everything. Strong connections to participants create trust and empower our work with their families. Connections with and among staff promote collaboration, creativity, and problem-solving. Meaningful connections to volunteers keep us all engaged and focused on achieving real change through our mission of ending poverty through education and workforce development. With our participant population, the password protection and security of Red e App ensure that we are able to deliver sensitive and timely information to them. Because it is HIPAA-compliant, we are able to share confidential information securely with our staff and participants. Changing phone numbers has no impact on our ability to connect. Best of all, because responses are one-to-one communications, we never have the group text reply-all experience that makes you want to toss your phone. We were using Red e App before the pandemic and so already had the technology at hand to easily stay in communication with our teams as we transitioned to a remote work environment. Red e App has been a solution and a catalyst that has allowed us to connect within and across all stakeholder groups much like the Tinkertoys of my childhood. I highly recommend this innovative technology. ☹With excellent, responsive customer service and a creative team, there have been no unresolved issues. This is one of the best tools we have had for strengthening our connections to all stakeholders.
Timothy E.
Timothy E.
Great Businesses Need Great Partnerships Red E App has allowed us to digitize many of our paper processes. It has also allowed us to make documents such as Handbooks and Benefit information accessible at the touch of a button. The money we have saved in digitizing things has more than paid for the product itself. Even those who are less techno-savvy have no problem using the App. ☺Our company can have work in all 50 states or within 75-miles of where we are located. Keeping in contact with everyone is crucial. Red E App makes it easy for us to stay in contact with everyone and for everyone to stay in contact with us. Red E App has been a great business partner in that they take the time to understand our business and what we do. They have given us the tools to shrink the field so that everyone in in the know or has access to someone via a simple messaging function. ☹I know it is hard to believe as most products have a downside. However, we have yet to see what Red E Apps downside is as they have been such a fantastic partner.
Mike W.
Mike W.
Communication Game Changer ☺This software allows communication throughout our organization to be simpler. From choosing one employee, a group or the organization I have the ease of getting the communications out faster and more efficient. ☹I have not found any deficiencies in the software to this point after 3 years.
Tracy S.
Tracy S.
Wish List I love it. Easy to use! ☺It delivers what we needed it to do, Health Assessments due to COVID. ☹I do not like the way terminated employees cannot be separated out from the Health Assessment status every day. I do not like how I cannot upload my own files since I switched to auto
Chris C.
Chris C.
New Red e App user ☺The ability to have analytics on how people are using the app is key for us in knowing if this is working and how we can shape ours strategy as a plant. ☹So far Redeapp seems very comprehensive as we are just starting to use it.
Kristen K.
Kristen K.
Could Not Live Without It From the JUMP, partnering with the employees at REA (Shout out to [SENSITIVE CONTENT HIDDEN], the greatest partner in all the land,) to the execution & education of new concepts, (ie. Forms, surveys, Shifts, thoughts on new ways to utilize REA etc.) The experience has been ever changing, while deepening our employees experience. Our operation has been changed for the better because of this platform. ☺REA is entirely customizable. The rollout of any system-product can be difficult because it requires buy-in from the users. In every meeting I am in I hear, "Can REA do that?" or "Can you post this to REA?" Buy-in is easy once your team realizes the power of creating nearly anything from within. Also, Forms, Shifts, Resources, and Messages. The fact that its an all-in-one capture of all things needed for company cohesion, is worth the investment. ☹When building rules for groups, users have to type in certain fields instead of the field capturing a drop down from the uploaded report.
Christina C.
Christina C.
Game Changer Love this software- it has been a game changer for us. No matter what communication options have been presented we continue to utilize Redeapp for the majority of our communication needs and 100% for shift coverage. ☺Redeapp is very user friendly and the shift coverage option is incredible. It allows us to track communications and know who is engaged ans who is not. ☹Having the option to send a broadcast message and not allow group responses, meaning an announcement to all and responses to individual to cut out notifications.

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Feature Bronze Silver Gold

Customer Support & Success

Email Support

Phone + Email; 90 days Implementation Support

Comprehensive Onboarding Support, Ongoing Customer Success Manager


  • Company Updates, Group Chats, 1:1s
  • Automated Smart Messages
  • Dynamic-field Messages
  • Templates & Drafts


  • Teams - best for smaller team communication
  • Broadcast - for one-to-many larger teams
  • Notifiers - leadership messaging to everyone


  • Enable shift swaps/pickups between multiple locations between similar job roles
  • Create ‘Approvers’ for all shift pickups/swaps.
  • Deliver shift reports to key managers and supervisors


  • Provide employees with secure access to Resources (documents & content)
  • Permission files/resources by employee role, location, job title


  • Audit messages and conversations
  • Retract messages if needed

Surveys & Forms

  • Operational, EH&S, and HR surveys and forms
  • Custom form completion notifications
  • Sync forms data to Excel or Google Sheets


  • Compliance settings for custom message retention/expiration
  • Ability to set static push notification titles
  • Security setting for ensuring all employees have a passcode on their mobile device


  • Track usage and adoption growth over time
  • Establish KPIs for messaging read rates
  • Identify employee engagement ‘Champs’
  • Rank leaders and groups by communication metrics

Shelbe Access

  • Setup an automated process to sync Redeapp access to your HRIS/payroll system
  • Automatically add new hires and remove terminated employees

Shelbe Group Management

  • Custom configuration of groups based on your organizational structure and HR data
  • Automate group creation, notifier status, and permission management to eliminate manual upkeep

Workflow Forms

  • Approval Workflows for PTO, policy signature signoffs, operational audits
  • Custom form completion notifications
  • Sync forms data to Excel or Google Sheets

Analytics +

  • Visually determine employee turnover and retention ‘hot spots’ by location, groups, roles
  • Custom reports on adoption, usage, and forms data


Scout +

  • DLP and eDiscovery protocols
  • Automated message + word reconnaissance
  • Legal holds and compliance workflows


Single Sign On (SSO)

  • SAML-based single sign-on (SSO)



  • Daily health assessments, vaccine status alerts, and workforce management

Add-on Available

Add-on Available

Add-on Available

**indicates features currently in development


Technology enables real change

Red e App isn’t here just to sell software to put a Band-Aid on your communication problems — we’re out to change the world for non-desk workers. We’ve spent years in the trenches with companies of all sizes and all levels of complexity, and we’d love to help you consider how to make real change in your organization.