We're red e, are you?

Whether you're an engineer, sales professional, marketer, or customer success manager, Red e App offers a sensational environment, culture and career opportunity.

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Passion is part of our profession.

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Working at Red e App means:

  • You work in a collaborative environment with a team of smart, innovative professionals focused on delivering the best possible product to fit our customers' needs.

  • You work for a technology startup with a global reach.

  • You work in one of the coolest office spaces in town [or remotely], and you operate in a high-trust, high-results environment.

Join us.

What is Red e App? We are a tech company based in Louisville, KY, and we are responding to a MASSIVE gap in the enterprise market for connecting non-desk and non email employees. The platform empowers companies to better manage and optimize unconnected team members by removing traditional complexities and intelligently connecting the right employee to the right manager, messaging, and information that helps get them red e for work!

What is our culture? Our pace is fast, we hate cubicles, and no two days look the same in our office. Our employees are versatile and fast learners who are constantly creating and looking for more effective ways to accomplish our goals. We’re always willing to put in the work to meet a deadline, and we know that the success of our team is dependent on the hard work and collaboration of the individuals who show up and GSD every day.

Who is an ideal employee? Loves tech and people. Longs for open and authentic collaboration with colleagues. Couldn’t imagine a world that isn’t connected digitally via mobile devices. Thrives in a rapidly changing workplace and market. In other words…. loves working for a tech startup.

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