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Heal The Passport

Get the whole company back to work and rede for work... safely.

Healthepassport™ is the mobile app | platform that allows companies to automate, manage, communicate, educate and report on the health and safety status of every employee to create a safe work environment.

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Private, secure, compliant:

HIPAA Compliance
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According to direction from the CDC, companies should be performing daily health checks in order to ensure a safe work place.

Through customizable Daily Health Assessments and secure messaging, Healthepassport™ enables you to privately and securely manage employee health at the work place. The streamlined reporting dashboard also aggregates data and reporting across your workforce to achieve organizational safety goals.

Who might be at risk, who is cleared for work

Passport color-coded identification clearly communicates who is ready for work based on completed health assessments. This reduces delays, eliminates lines/gatherings, and helps to provide a safe environment.

Manage positive cases in the workplace

Streamlined dashboards & instant communications allow employers to take appropriate action to ensure the safety of potentially exposed staff without shutting down and entire building or facility.

Passport Features

Manage Risks, Facilitate Manual Contact Tracing

• HIPAA, OSHA, CDC Compliant
• Works on any smart-phone
• Passport color coded feature to identify employees ready for work
• Full reporting to identify health risks
• Ensures and documentation and compliance with daily screening
• Eliminates lines and delayed shift starts

Insights and Reporting

Healthepassport™ reporting

Console reporting, insights and access in real-time to show health, compliance and risks.
• Daily health assessment results
• Passport status for each employee
• Passport alerts for employees with symptoms or risk factors
• Adoption and utilization reports
• Organizational trends

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Privacy and Security

Privacy and security are our priority. Health and safety across the entire company is what our Passport™ delivers


• Employee opt in
• HIPAA Compliant
• OSHA Compliant
• CDC Compliant
• SOC2 audited environment


• Allows employees to get back to work safely
• Quickly identifies risk to exposure
• Contain possible COVID exposure quickly and efficiently
• Full reporting of health risks
• Ensures documentation and compliance
• Highly targeted communication to those with risk factors with read rates and accountability
• Immediate access to resources, FAQ’s, instructional videos and preparedness