Mobile Communication, Workflow, and Data Management

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In the field? On the floor? At your fingertips.

Communicate with your hourly and non-desk employees, even those without @company email. Targeted, media-rich messaging enables you to reach people with timely, relevant, and engaging information, improving operational efficiency and reducing turnover.

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Mobile Documents & Forms

Trade paper & pen for productivity.

Enable your employees to complete digital forms while streamlining your workflows and creating digital archives. Provide remote access to SOPs, benefits information, internal job openings, emergency procedures, and more! Aggregate and organize data from your non-desk workforce to generate business insights and improve operations.

Security Compliance Message Hurricane with Read Rates

Reliable, instant communication for any crisis or mission-critical moment.

With instant access to broadcast messaging and groups, Red e App helps you reach employees during weather emergencies, security threats, and other critical times. Read receipts create accountability and structured connections help you reach the right team members.

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Reply All Evolved

Send mass messages, minus the mayhem.

Foster feedback from employees without overwhelming your inbox. Red e App’s structured connections create a direct conversation between the employee and their manager instead of a reply all free-for-all.

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HR Auto-Sync

Automate and update at the same time.

Red e App syncs with your HR or payroll system to manage access and permissions. When employees leave your organization, Red e App revokes access and remotely wipes company data from their devices.

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Employee Shift requesting

Fill open shifts with half the headache.

Enable employees to exchange shifts, set up manager approval processes, and post available open shifts with ease. Reduce administrative work and increase accountability. Automated reports delivered to managers create a digital trail of all shift activity.

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Equip your managers for success,

People don’t leave companies - they leave managers. Providing your managers with Notifier access enables them to effectively communicate with their teams, as well as individual employees.

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Success + Support

We’re real humans and we want to help.

Implementation without adoption is worthless (as you consider a vendor/partner, make sure you ask about adoption and usage). Our seasoned Success Team will provide guidance, strategy, and training as you roll out Red e App to your workforce. We’re also available to help you and your employees with any questions and general support (your IT team will thank us).

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