All good things must come to an end

As the old saying goes, ‘All good things must come to an end’.

We always knew that eventually, #MobileChat would see such a day – and that day is July 15th. In a way, you can view this blog post as us officially putting in our 2 weeks notice.


Why end now?

In short, our company is rapidly growing and I (Patrick) simply don’t have the bandwidth to devote the amount of time and attention the #MobileChat community deserves. Finding and scheduling guests, writing blog posts and questions, and devoting nearly 2 hours each Wednesday evening for 3 years has been a significant time investment. In fact, if it wasn’t for Ryson’s help the past several months, #MobileChat would have ended last year.

For those who are not familiar with the backstory of how #MobileChat got started, I’ll let Shane, the social community manager of Red e App, tell you in her own words.

Sometime in the summer of 2012, Patrick called me and said, “Hey, @RedeApp has been invited as a guest on #MediaChat. Sounds like a fun opportunity. Let’s both manage the handle that night, and make sure we’re able to keep up.” So we did.


At the end of the hour, our hands hurt from typing. But it dawned on us, “Hey, we can do this too.” And so #MobileChat came to be.


Over the course of the past three years, we’ve introduced the community to cool apps we read about in the New York Times, apps friends of friends of friends were using, and apps we just heard about in passing.


Some of my favorites were @Eat24 (I wonder if they put pants on yet) and @Charmin (WOW! Such a huge company came to our little ol’ chat).


We’ve created a real community here. #MobileChat has Shane & Patrickgrown to be a community made up of people who have become my true friends. I share photos of my kids with them (@CrazedMom), I talk about how much I would love a true day off (@AnhTNguyen), I lean on them for help with other projects (@Tribe2point0), and I simply enjoy our conversations (@websuccess and @wordwhacker).


This wasn’t just work to me. I actually enjoyed and looked forward to each and every Wednesday night with you people. Truth be told, I am looking forward to not bowing out of my kids’ performances and games in time to get home, but overall, it’s been such a great experience.


Red e App has changed so much in the past four years I’ve been with the company. It’s my privilege and honor to serve as its voice and to represent it online. It’s a brand I believe in, and love to watch grow. With growth, of course, comes change. Change, in this case, means sunsetting our weekly “talk show” and letting it go down in history as a great time for the brand.


Patrick and I have had a lot of fun. Coming up with his introduction every week has been a challenging and fun task that I took on. He did the questions, led the conversation and I enjoyed my part as the trusty sidekick.


It’s been a blast. And I’m still the voice of @RedeApp, so don’t be a stranger. Tweet me every once in a while. We can talk chocolate, bacon, and … of course … mobile.

All the best …

Patrick and Shane

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