Balancing being social and device overload

A little social here, a little social there, pretty soon you are talking real SOCIAL!  (Attributed to Everett Dirksen, a U.S. Senator who said “a billion here, a billion there, pretty soon you’re talking real money”)

So, I’m not anti-social or anti-gadget, but social and gadgets at what cost? Paraphrased from a recent New York Time article Silicon Valley Says Step Away From the Device, Mr. Crabb from Facebook says that people need to understand the effect that time online has on your performance and relationships.

I love this – because we are in complete alignment from a philosophical perspective. Red e App is a lean application of technology that kind of preaches old school like, contrarian to pop social views such as;  Do not overshare (no public listing of Red e App addresses), be cautious of talking to strangers (you have control to connect and disconnect with no further interaction if wished – not so with email and mobile phone numbers), focus on your own work, not those around you (you can’t follow – see: stalk others in your organization).

We may be swimming up stream a bit, but large organizations with tight compliance, regulatory, remote engagement and measurement need balance – and therefore, they need Red e App to bridge their communications with a mobile workforce!

Just our two cents on “balance”.

Jonathan Erwin

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