Communication is the cornerstone to trust and understanding

Communication sustains relationshipsWe believe in this statement strongly at Red e App, as do most of our readers. You are passionate about employee engagement and providing your employees the best opportunities to increase their engagement.

Jonathan Erwin, Red e App’s CEO and founder, recently spoke to Anna Papachristos of 1 to 1 Media regarding the dilemma facing many communicators, HR managers, and operations managers … “which technology solution should I implement to better engage with my employees?” Jonathan asserts that the question should be, “what are our communication objectives?”

It may sound cliché, but technology is not human, while communication is. And communication is accessible and an inherent behavior. A company needs to communicate with employees to understand the problem they are solving for. By involving employees in the discovery phase, the company’s technology requirements are more refined and will more appropriately address the issues.

Technology is often a primitive solution. Technology can provide solutions to specific problems, but often overlook broad problems that solve for human behavior. I would argue that communication is always the first step to thoughtful problem solving with technology.

Read the complete article at 1 to 1 Media.

Amee Kent
Red e App Marketing Director

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Technology enables real change

Red e App isn’t here just to sell software to put a Band-Aid on your communication problems — we’re out to change the world for non-desk workers. We’ve spent years in the trenches with companies of all sizes and all levels of complexity, and we’d love to help you consider how to make real change in your organization.