Logistics companies turn employee communication into a competitive advantage with Red e App

Edwards Moving & Rigging, a forward thinking and innovative company, serves as a specialist with over 50 years of experience in providing heavy lifting and multimodal transport solutions. With more than half of their crew without company email access, Edwards saw the need to directly connect and communicate with all employees regardless of working at a desk, in a truck or on a job site. By implementing Red e App’s mobile platform, Edwards can navigate, communicate and measure complex Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and Department of Transportation (DOT) compliance requirements for each employee.

“Previously, we had no way to directly send the daily schedule to crew members” stated Matt Warren, Accounting Manager for Edwards Moving & Rigging. “Now it’s a quick and easy 5 minute process that reaches the team in one message. When we need to make a change to the schedule, Red e App makes communication easier and more efficient.”

For another one of Red e App’s users, EMI Guiderail, the power of mobile is transforming how to keep employees informed and up to date about safety and training documents. EMI previously had 96-page binders, which contained all required Department of Labor and OSHA regulatory documents in each of its field-based vehicles. Keeping these binders up-to-date was a daily challenge and risk. EMI has replaced the binder with Red e App.

“Mobile access is a way to make compliance easier on us. We are technically compliant with a binder that all employees have access to on their mobile device,” stated an EMI Administrative Specialist. “I would like them to be able to review these documents anytime they would like (even outside of the workplace).”

Red e App provides a secure digital connection that allows thousands of companies like Edwards and EMI to ensure a workforce has the most current information to safely perform job duties while removing the financial burden and increasing more time efficiency.

Workers in traditional industrial, transportation, logistics and manufacturing companies are the backbone of local economies. Red e App contributes to the productivity gains seen through employee engagement and enablement. Using the platform for compliance guarantees delivery, allows for measurable communication and acknowledgment and provides a dedicated channel for maintaining up to date standards and requirements with zero impact or disruption to current operations.

“The logistics and manufacturing market will only continue to grow and the need for communication efficiency will be even more prevalent. Mid-sized companies in these industries are often overlooked for technology adoption and the need for affordable tools,” stated Jonathan Erwin, Red e App CEO and founder. “The result? They continue to use old-school methods of communication, via print, which is a waste of time and money, but also isn’t guaranteed to reach all employees.”

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