Enabling the separation of personal and work messaging

Real-time customer feedback is the dream of every product creator. It doesn’t matter if you create poetry, music, food, clothing, educational training materials or even software. Getting live feedback (good or bad) is the life-blood to the longevity and success of any product.

Red e Restaurants MessageYesterday as we were on-boarding a new client, we received some great feedback, but it’s not what most would consider earth-shattering; yet, it’s a true extension of the feature set we’ve created at Red e App. What’s the great feedback?

 . . . quote from our customer: “You mean we don’t have to use our personal text message app anymore for business and we don’t have to update our contact info when we get new employees?”

It doesn’t seem all that amazing, but for multiple store managers that are tasked with maintaining communication contact with current hourly employees the need to continually update personal contact information – especially on a mobile device – can be a daunting task after months and even years on the job.

Imagine the relief on the faces of a dozen managers when we told them that they no longer have to manage the personal email and mobile phone numbers of all the hourly employees at their store? Honestly, they almost smirked when we told them that. Yet, that’s the reality of every regional and store manager that is using Red e App.

Red e Retail messageThe days of picking up the phone or sending personal text messages to hourly employees are over once Red e App is adopted for a restaurant or retail enterprise. What would the future look like if:

  • A manager could send one message to 20 or even 100 employees at one time about scheduling, safety, or even changes to the menu or sales items?
  • A local restaurant manager could save time by sending one message about front of house (FoH) issues specifically to those employees instead of blasting all employees at a location?
  • How great would it be for a new hourly cook to access via a private mobile intranet the recipe for the secret sauce for the award-winning appetizer?
  • A server was updated about the special that just changed due to limitations from a beef vendor that wasn’t able to deliver on time?

Every store manager has dreamed of the day to have a scalable way to communicate in real-time to every employee.

That dream is now a reality. It’s called Red e App.

Patrick Goodman
Red e App Product and Engagement Director

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