Going paperless can be liberatingly compliant

The invention of the movable type printing press nearly 600 years ago was truly a Copernican revolution for mass communication. The ability to take a written and graphical message and distribute it to millions of people fundamentally changed how society consumed information and learned about the world around it.

There is however, a place and time for everything. Just as the printing press was a remarkable innovation during it’s day, mobile is now replacing this centuries old technology.

For one of Red e App’s customers, EMI Guiderail, the power of mobile is transforming how they keep their employees informed and up to date about safety and training documents.

Here is a snapshot of how their company has changed because of using Red e App, directly from one of EMI’s administrative specialists.

There have always been mandatory documents that need to be posted on all Public Work Projects. Many times, it is a large enough project and a bulletin board can be used as a display. My company is on the smaller side and we travel more than some contractors, so it is hard to have these posters displayed properly. NYS Department of Labor and OSHA have many regulatory documents that need to be posted for all employees to see, they haven’t pushed us for mobile access, just added more documents. The mobile access is a way to make compliance easier on us.

We are moving in this direction because if we get audited by OSHA or the Department of Labor, I would like everyone to be able to pull out their phone and show the auditor the required documents.

We are technically compliant with a binder that everyone has access to. Does everyone use the physical binder? No way. I don’t think our employees take two minutes out of their day to even glance at it. I would like them to be able to review these documents anytime they would like (even outside of the workplace).

It is hard to keep every binder up to date. We have to first find the update, make copies and send them snail mail to all foreman. They would never print out documents themselves. Then we have to trust them to take out the old information and replace with the new. It will be so much easier to replace the old document in the app. That’s a real-time update.

The issue for EMI, and thousands of other companies, is bigger than just wasted financial resources and time by having to print and mail documents for compliance. You must ensure that your workforce has the most current information to safely perform their job. AND, the best way to do that today is provide a secure digital connection to all your employees – especially those employees who don’t have @company.com email (and most likely never will).

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