Hard Rock Hollywood uses Red e App to centralize employee communications

Hard Rock

Check out our latest case study from Hard Rock Hotel and Casino … connecting over 3,000 employees to one-to-one messaging and scheduling.

Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Hollywood, FL is an all encompassing entertainment destination. Between its 140,000 square foot casino, nine award-winning and signature dining options, 500 guest suites, and 5,500 seat arena, there is no opportunity for boredom.

The complete customer experience is of utmost importance at Hard Rock Hollywood, and they have adopted Red e App to make sure that all of their business functions are connected and running smoothly to ensure the customer is getting the maximum amount of attention from employees.

Hard Rock Hollywood’s operation takes a lot of manpower – more than 3,000 employees, all of whom have distinct functions. To keep operations running at scale requires direct and efficient communications, but most Hollywood employees do not have corporate email, nor do they sit at desks.

Simple things such as one-to-one communications, trading shifts, and sharing documents were becoming a pain point. Adoption of Red e App solved these problems and changed the way Hard Rock Hollywood operates for the better.

“We have over 700 table games employees to manage, with a large majority who do not have company email. In the past, we had to manually collect email addresses, maintain the database and handle group distribution, which was both time consuming and tedious. Red e App has eased and streamlined the overall process for both our management and front line team members. We now have the ability to communicate with employees instantly, while offering them access to important information that benefits their work lives.”


Shawn Gookins  – Director Table Games Operations

After six months, Red e App use at Hard Rock continues to grow. Some key innovative departments, such as VIP Beverage, see a 93% usage rate among employees and as a whole 1,200 employees are using Red e App within the company.

We look forward to connecting every Hard Rock Hollywood employee to Red e App, and are excited about what positive changes we will see through our continued partnership.

Follow this link to read the full Hard Rock Hollywood Hollywood case study.

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