How BYOD Helps Restaurants Improve Communications and Ops

Most restaurants do not provide offices, computer access, or company email addresses to their hourly workers. This makes communicating with employees difficult, and having an engaged workforce nearly impossible.

Considering the hospitality/restaurant industry has an employee turnover rate that is more than 20% above average, it is no surprise some restaurants are trying to find a solution that makes employees them feel more connected to the company.

Hospitality Technology

Hospitality Technology interviewed the Communications Director of one such company,  delving into topics such as why they decided to implement BYOD, what the additional benefits of BYOD to restaurants are, and why they chose Red e App as the tool to accomplish their goals.

Why did you choose Red e App?

We have looked and used text systems to reach employees, but they never gave us the level of engagement or visibility we wanted or needed to reach employees. Traditionally, our restaurant employees have never had corporate email addresses and managing their personal email addresses to extend corporate communication proved problematic due, again, to visibility, measurement and who was on the receiving end of our important communications.


Our traditional methodologies were the same as most; physical mailings, word of mouth, shift meetings, electronic messages to restaurant leadership so that they could disseminate messaging etc.  The problem is, we still have to do most of this, but we are slowly able to pare back these other methods as we begin to see more and more uptake on our BYOD channel.

Read the complete article at to gain more insight to learn more about how BYOD helps restaurants improve communications and operations.

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