Poor employee engagement is a global problem. How do you fix it?

Poor employee engagement is a global problem that isn’t just a matter of creating a better “carrot on a stick” to motivate employees. Employee engagement is something that stems from coming in to work day after day, without hearing a thank you, or seeing your contributions impact the bottom line.

As an employer, why should you care about engagement?

It is simple: When employees don’t have meaningful work that they feel matters to the bottom line, they start to hurt your company’s bottom line.

Engagement level

But how do you fix this huge global problem? Start small: Find the disengaged employees at your company and address it one employee at a time.

Carrots & sticks

Actively engaged employees stems from three main attributes according to Karen Story, Partner at branding and engagement firm MojoInk.

Autonomy – Giving people the ability to direct their own lives
Mastery – Meeting the growing desire to get better and better at something that really matters
Purpose – Answering the yearning to do something larger than ourselves

How do you start building an actively engaged workforce?

Consider Karen’s seven key drivers of employee engagement that are proven and supported by decades of research and practice.

1. Recognition and acknowledgment of employees’ contributions
2. Empowerment via tools, resources, and information that set employees up to succeed
3. Supportive feedback through ongoing performance coaching and mentoring
4. Partnering to encourage and foster collaborative working relationships
5. Expectations that set clear, challenging, and attainable performance goals
6. Consideration that lets employees know that they are cared about
7. Trust in your employees’ abilities, skills, and judgment

I encourage you to read the full article about the global nature of engagement and how to engage employees.

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