Mobile is king, all other channels are squires

You would expect such a statement from a mobile app company, right? Fortunately, there is data to back up our exuberant claims.

eMarketer recently published the following smartphone penetration chart and the numbers are staggering in just a few short years. As you look around, you may not be all that surprised because most of your friends, family and co-workers have smartphones. But, are employers prepared to shift their communications to mobile?

US Smartphone Penetration by Age


Mobile communication is the behavior and expectation for employees. Mobile is an employee’s predominant source of communication – not postal mail, posters, intranets, digital signage or kiosks.

Consider the smartphone penetration in 2017, 91.6% of working adults (18-64) will be communicating, managing tasks and banking via a smartphone. Organizations need to be preparing now for the shift in adding mobile to their list of communication channels, and potentially the opportunity to remove a few channels (such as postal mail and kiosks).

Mobile isn’t just a nice to have. It will be required in order for organizations to attract and retain employees, and not just the millennials. As you can see from the chart, smartphone adoption is at or near 90% for our older generations as well.

A mobile channel like Red e App is more than just your medium. By utilizing a software platform, you have real-time access to influential analytics — such as employee engagement, attrition, best day and times to send a message, compliance and more.

Embracing mobile may seem overwhelming , we’re here to help. We’ve implemented Red e App at a variety of industries and with a variety of demographics. We can coach you on the who, where, how and what.

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